Other Clubs Transfers Thread

So is the plan for Ten Haag to reunite his Ajax boys at United? De Jong and de beek back from loan.

I don’t expect United to underperform next season.

i do

It takes 2 full seasons for a team to stop underperforming under a new coach :arteta2: :arteta2:


Honestly not sure about FDJ in general and his suitability for the PL in particular. I’ve said this before but it gives me real pause that Xavi - who knows a thing or two about technical midfielders and the qualities they need to really control matches - seems so lukewarm about him.

At a decent price it’s still a no brainer to gamble on his talent but 70m and 300-400k per week is a very expensive wager.

OK but he was also Pep’s first choice above Rodri

Xavi was a great, great player but that doesn’t mean he is infallible even when it comes to midfielders, also sometimes a player just goes up a level or has increased suitability when they come to the PL for example from another league

I’d be interested to see how he does under a coach who he thrived under previously.

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All reasonable points. I just see a number of potential red flags and it’s hard to swallow the idea of 70m and 300-400k per week on that kind of player.

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It’s about as a United signing as you can get for those figures haha

One horse race for Sancho and he bags 350K a week lol


Might be simpler than all this, Barca can’t afford the wages and want a big transfer fee, and so he has to go regardless.

If you assume a replacement player was on around 150k per week that’s a 200k a week saving, adding up to over 40m across 4 years.

If they need an injection of funds, net 110m from him is the most they’re going to get for a player


It’s a 2 year loan from Real Madrid essentially

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PSG bound then, can’t see Madrid ever having that much spending power without using instalments, (which I don’t think qualify for release clauses)

I’d take those terms for any elite talent tbh


You either keep an elite talent for a long time or keep him for two years and make a huge profit.

Sounds pretty good to me.

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Better than him running down his deal and leaving for nothing

Player power for elite players is tangible, Kane was a fool

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OMG can’t believe City would cuck themselves like this

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With a -100m loan fee. Great business.


Wikipedia says De Jong is United player

It’s also his birthday as well.

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Do you know what wikipedia is?