Other Clubs Transfers Thread

Yep. People often confuse them.

Thought rice was only worth that much at the start of the pandemic


No club is dumb enough to pay that fee or anywhere near it, the guy’s not even special.

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4.5* potential on FM.

Agreed though :joy:

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Never heard of him. Everybody on Twitter does though…

Erik Lamela he’s this shit bit player spuds have had for years.


I won’t pretend to have watched a bunch of Eibar games or know who he is.

He seems like potentially a good signing for the future but not a player who will help them much this year. Same bin as Lokonga really.


Rabona cunt. Never been good.

Shame they’re selling him.


I remember Lamela looking like the one decent bit of business they did that window. Very glad to be proved very very wrong there though :ozil:

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Surely we have to be all over some of their players that have become available?

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The wages alone would kill us.

I’d be down for Sterling with city still covering 60% of his wages.

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Give me one Raheem Sterling, please?

Who could PSG include in a swap deal? :thinking:

We’re gonna offer 200k pw to Maddison, how much is Bernardo gonna cost? 250k pw?

If I’m United I want to recoup most of what I paid for him. PSG don’t have any midfielder outside of Verratti that I’d be interested in. They don’t even have a good player that’s reasonable to include in the deal. Mbappe and Neymar are impossible, Marquinhos is impossible and Di Maria had done the United thing before.

Who else is there? Icardi lol

With less than a year left on Pogba’s contract, that could prove difficult.

tbf United have been linked with Camavinga who is also in the last year of his contract. I think United will accept the financial loss if they can acquire Camavinga cheaply.

Yeah I’d agree but if I’m United I don’t really want £30-40m. I think it’s a loss they can absorb I’x rather make use of Pogba for another year in the hope that maybe he can be convinced to sign a new deal and if not then at least they’ve got another year out of him.



Another beast on FM, always sign him up when I can.