Other Clubs Transfers Thread

That’s a crazy sun of money to request for a 30 year old who wants to leave

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Signing or signed Ashley Young too right?

Going to need to aim higher than that if they want to stay in the division. Young was really poor for Inter last season. Can’t see him offering much outside of experience and the odd decent performance.

danny rose is a dreadful player, even for a newly promoted side

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For fucks sake I wanted him at milan so bad. Fml


Potter has his striker?


Think someone at Sky Sports is bored today. Transfer rumour after transfer rumour from them.

Man like Aarons gathering all that interest for 3 summers in a row and he’s still at Norwich.
What kind of fee are the Canaries asking for? :rofl:

Spurs having to turn their heads to Lamptey who’s coming back from a big injury.

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maybe the mls?

PSG bound for sure.


or China

Please, please let Man Utd fall for it.

Is Ed Woodward still there? He’d absolutely pull the trigger on that.

I need him to come here and lead an anti-Basque rebellion please.

60mil + Alonso for Hakimi is what Chelski offers

If I were Inter I’d be saying, fuck Alonso, just make it 70m and you’ve got a deal


Seems an odd deal swapping a left back with right back.
Depends if they already have 2 other decent left backs I guess, I don’t know their squad well enough.
You’d spend 10m on anyone halfway decent.

Plus I do actually rate Alonso fairly well (but as a LWB rather than LB)