Other Clubs Transfers Thread

I reckon Messi is off and Dembele is probably one they should be looking towards their future with.

I’d like him here but we don’t we have too many wingers with Pepe, Saka, Willian aswell as lump Auba and ESR out wide at different times

Yeah if Messi goes then I see them persisting/building around Dembele.

I don’t see the issue with too many wingers; ESR is a natural ten who can drift out. Willian isn’t good enough to be apart of the main rotation. Saka/Dembele/Pepe fighting for the 2 wide spots would be fine IMO with ESR drifting there sporadically. Auba full time #9 with Gabi and Balogun 2nd and 3rd choice

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While that’s fair I’m not entirely happy with the amount of gametime Pepe is getting as it is. I’d happily rotate those 3 but we know Arteta won’t do that


What the fuck is going on at Madrid?:rofl:

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Bouba > Bissouma.

Typical Leicester though.

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Uncle Florentino at it again.

Fucking hell, Dortmund look very keen on selling Sancho yet they’re not even flinching on Haaland, even if they’re definitely selling him next season at the very least.

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Haven’t watched much Dortmund but it doesn’t appear he’s had his best season this year and seems to have encountered some fitness problems this year. His contract only has 1-2 years left on it too right?

I can see him joining United for about £70-80m completing their frontline.

Rashford - Greenwood - Sancho is the front three you just know United are working towards and I have to say if Greenwood develops the way he should and Sancho’s development doesn’t stall then that is a very impressive future front 3.

Would you take Eden Hazard at €50m?
  • Yes
  • No

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If you account for wages, I think Madrid would go as low as €45m, but ask for €60-€70m in public.

No rumour, but a hypothetical transfer I could see happen. Madrid will try for CR7 and Juventus will ask for Hazard. Both teams cook their books a little.

No. Ship has sailed. Should have signed him back when he was at Lille.
The recent reveals about him being a gooner and his agent advising him to sign for Chelsea instead really hurt.

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Was expected so he could play with his pal Messi

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This doesn’t make sense. Aguero and his agent are free to talk to Barce now. Unless City have an option for a further year

He’s still missing La Liga under his name, plus a WC.
Could very well be doing that next season playing with Messi at Barca and Buendia in Argentina.

Yes just to see @Joshua’s head explode. Hazard and Willian on the flanks all week every week.


Hey yo, wtf? He’s not even bad.
He was linked with Palace, Spurs and Leicester recently.

That’s a weird transfer. They had a cash injection??

I think he was encouraged by Gignac, and tbf to the latter, that was his best career move, the guy’s practically a legend in that part of Mexico.


Wasnt he at villa or Newcastle many years back?

Newcastle flop, yeah.