Other Clubs Transfers Thread

Is Richarlison really that good? Even when he went for a fee that could rise to £50m initially, I thought that was too much. £80m is a joke fee. Pass.

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I think Everton are going to spend big again and with Ancelotti, they have a top manager.
So why would he leave them to come here?
It’s not a big enough jump up to make it worthwhile.

Clubs like Chelsea and Man U might not be guaranteed a top four place but you can definitely guarantee their owners won’t be sitting back and letting their clubs stagnate to the extent our owners have.

If you look at it objectively, a player of Richarlison’s ability will want to win the top trophies and between Everton and us, there really isn’t a lot of difference so he will want to go to a proven ambitious club, either in the PL or a top European team.

Yeah I know you like to use that stagnate line mate but we spent £72m on a winger this summer and sizeable sums on the likes of Auba, Laca and Özil. And Mustafi remains one of the most expensive CBS ever (has to be in the top 10-12).

We also pay our highest earning player £350k a week which puts him among Europe’s highest earners alone and I have no doubt we won’t have a problem offering Auba similar wages.

The club aren’t stagnant. We’re just paying for years of poor decisions made by the previous regime but let’s not pretend we’re not making steps in the right direction even if our league position doesn’t reflect that.


We make steps only to repair the seasons of neglect, poor investment and a lack of urgency.
When have we ever been proactive in the transfer market?
All we do is react to a lack of quality and then we have to spend big and get ripped off because other selling clubs no how desperate we are.

How many times have we needed to buy a player because either we are short of quality in a position or because one of our best players leave and then bought a cheap, inadequate player or no one at all?

There is nothing to suggest we are heading in the right direction, from keeping Wenger for far too long and replacing him with Emery and watching our best players leave every season because they know we aren’t ambitious enough.

Yes, it’s true we spent 72m on Pepe and we pay 350k a week to Ozil but only because we have to make up for us losing our best players every season.
Most of our rivals spend more and act with a lot more urgency in the transfer market, buying what they need and they also don’t lose their best players with such regularity.

If Aubameyang does leave, it will be the first time most supporters can remember when we haven’t had a top level player and we will be the only top club in the PL without a recognised player of that quality.
If you think in anyway that is not a club in stagnation, then I don’t know what is.

Which one of our best players departed to inspire the signing of Pepe? Iwobi? :ozil:

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I agree. I think by signing a new contract in december he has killed his chances of a move on the short term anyway.

Sane is one sexy man, great signing at a decent price as well for Bayern

Or a more relevant question might be, how long had we had to wait to sign a top class attacking wide player?
This is the problem, we leave everything so late, without any perceivable plan, that we end up paying over the going rate for a player that isn’t good enough.

We’re down to one top quality player in our first team, who might not be here after this season.
If that isn’t an indication of our appalling transfer business and stagnation, then what is?

It wouldn’t be more relevant. You said we signed Pepe because we sell our best players every season, me asking you which one of our best players leaving inspired the signing of Pepe is literally the most relevant possible question.


Rambo wouldn’t accept

Ramsey is going to chill on his massive contract until it expires. No other club on the planet is going to pay him what Juve do.

He’s basically semi-retired there. Plays a few games, gets injured and repeats the process.


Yeah it makes no sense for him to leave

Raul and Emery made a lot of bad decisions but letting Ramsey walk was a great call. He’s a good player but he’s made of glass.

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As opposed to here?

If we had extended him on a massive deal then it would have been the same for sure.

Looking back, the time was pretty right for him to go. We would have had to fork out way too much to keep him and that wouldn’t have been good value for us given that he is regularly injured.

We definitely miss him though. Last season there was a stat about games Ramsey started versus games he didn’t and the points difference was massive. Since he’s left it looks like we’ve followed the ‘without Ramsey’ points per game ratio

Liverpool reportedly close to signing Thiago from Bayern. Didn’t realise he was 29 years old!

Would be a top signing for them - immediate upgrade in midfield but hardly shows much faith in Keita


Liverpool strengthening their weakest area with an elite signing again

I would say a VVD centre back partner is need