Other Clubs Transfers Thread

Inter building a decent side here

Nice to see Both Milan clubs making smart moves under talented managers

Top end of Serie A getting very interesting. Can see both Milan clubs making CL

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Yeah, Inter looking to cap it off with Lukaku though haha.

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Everton signing Fabian Delph for 8 million. Thats so Everton a signing. Gareth Barry mark 2.

I mean it’s not really petty when there’s £80m at stake :money_mouth_face:

barry was way better then delph

Couldnt raise an argument either way tbh. To average players past their best ending up at an ordinary team.

I just meant Barry at his best tbh

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It might happen more frequently, and Barca doing a deal with PSG could happen, two big clubs who pay big wages. But for a club like the scum for example, if Real Madrid for the sake of the argument, wanted Erikson or Kane, no way a trade is happening. A Madrid player most likely won’t accept a step down and the scum won’t pay big time wages.

My thinking on it is that players are just going to run their contacts down and become free agents, also similar to the NBA. It’s already happening more often it seems.


I never got why it didn’t happen more after the Bosman ruling but especially after we gave Sol Campbelll basically double his wages because there was no transfer fee.

I guess agents being a bunch of slimy cunts plays into things a lot.


Now 180 :upside_down_face:

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So that’s a new contract at United in the bag then haha.

And therefore I give no fucks. Let him and them do whatever the fuck they want

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Fekir —>Betis

Yeah, what’s up with Fekir, shouldn’t we be all over him? Last year of contract, surprisingly other big clubs haven’t moved for him.

LE, Come to think of it, even with Ramsey gone, we’ve still got Oezil there, and there are other more important holes to fill in the squad i think.

130 million on their defence, they’ve paid up but they’ve bought two really good players. If it shores them up at the back- which I think it will- people will soon forget about the expense.

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i dont think he is an 80m player, i think 40m tops

It’s gonna be funny when he’s blundering at the back and then suddenly that £80m looks like it’s been pissed away


I rate him but I hope you’re right.