Other Clubs Transfers Thread

Won’t happen, but my “realistic” wishlist (assuming we are already signing Kolasinac):

  1. Tielemans
  2. Salah
  3. Dembele
  4. Pickford
  5. Keita (or pick your other top b2b prospect)


  1. Jenkinson
  2. a GK
  3. Theo
  4. Coq
  5. Wilshere (sorry, lad)
  6. Mert (or just let him park on the bench again)
  7. Bambi (still at the club???)
  8. Gibbs
  9. Gabriel (Chambers is coming back)
  10. Matheiuuuuuuuu
  11. El Neny
  12. Woj
  13. Campbell (we never knew you)
  14. Chuba (seems his time is up)

A couple of those may be out of contract, so then just let them go. Frankly, do anything like the above, and I would be pretty happy. Might be a bit too much spending, but the net might not be horrible with some of the names on the lower list.

I can assure you we don’t.

Just seen that Sami Mokbel is reporting our interest in Lemar too, people consider him quite reliable for Arsenal.


The Guinean Wilshere.


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Just going to take the key points straight from reddit:

Youri Tielemans to Monaco is a done deal - 23M€ fee

  • Source is provided by planete-asm, who is closely linked to the club staff and don’t spread rumours
  • Info is coming from the player relatives
  • Youri Tielemans already signed his contract, a week ago
  • Due to the UEFA rules it wont be official until the market open in France (June 9th)

Would be an interesting buy for them if true, especially if the price quoted is true.


ahh well, one wishlist item down…

E23m is a fucking bargain.

Another one fucking bites the dust, great price if true though he did say he would decide his future at the end of the season a couple days ago.

I’m still holding out hope for Goretzka.

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A great signing for them, that price tag carries heavy expectations though.

23 million euro is like a basic price these days. Especially for a player with 100+ games, European experience and who is an international.


Yeah perhaps in premier league superstar money.

Beyond the odd Bale and Pogba transfer, and the occaisional Martial (Mbappe? or anyone off the Monaco production line) that money is for a player from a Belgiun league is big, very big especially from that country.

Edit: i should add, ignore China. Stupidly inflated fees are growing more commonplace, but aren’t quite the norm yet.

Welp all eggs in the Keita basket now.

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Dismissed on live TV.

"This is stupid stuff, I must say honestly, absolute nonsense,” Heidel declared, on Sky, in an interview with Sebastian Hellmann.

“I heard that before. I do not like this, when Sky an hour before a game spreads information, as if it’s a done deal, that is completely without basis.”

Hellmann attempted to defend Sky’s position, before Heidel countered: "We have had no contact with Bayern and the speculation isn’t acceptable.

Was gonna say, Bayern absolutely take the fucking piss out of the bundesliga taking pretty much all decent talents from the other teams and damaging them in the process.

Pretty much all Bayern ever do. The epitome of a one team league, fair play to them though!

Imagine how other clubs would feel in the EPL if one club kept on taking every top talent…imagine if Manu or Chavski kept on doing this i reckon by now it might even be investigated because its not good for a brand really imagine spending £5bn and having 1 team run away with it because of taking the rest of the leagues talent. BT etc would want it sorted out or they would refuse to buy rights, i think the fans would be in uproar too!

United built the majority of their modern day success by pricing everyone else out of the best and brightest English league players.


Let’s hope he’s good.