Olivier Giroud


Too much traffic in this thread for a big lump of mediocre shite.


Careful there @phoebica will pimp slap the shit outta ya!


Im into stuff like that :henry2:


Look, it’s very simple. I’ve read 2000+ posts on here about whether giroud is any good or not. I have no desire to do so anymore but given he played for us less than 6 months ago I realise that is not the majority view here so by all means carry on if you so wish. I don’t.

On the other hand it’s a fucking abomination that rvp ever had a thread on new OA given he’d been gone for four years by the time this new forum even existed. I should have shut that shit down on day one in reality so the only apology I’ll make on that front is that I’m sorry I didn’t do it sooner. Definitely my last post in here now (unless food based insults. Obvs). Cheers :slight_smile:


Childish it may be, but we all know how rewarding it would be if one of the mods made Cuellar’s avatar that one posted by Calum with Giroud holding the World Cup. :+1:

Take that happy step for the benefit of us all. Do it :sunglasses:


Anything to remove that Diaby avatar needs no second invitation. Enjoy.


If this is your explanation all of the former player threads of the players who were gone before new OA should have shut done lol. Except for Pires and Lehmann since they had a (small) role here.


Genuine question, why do you seem to care so much about that thread being closed? We literally had several years of the “was he forced out” debate, it was incredibly tedious then and it isn’t going to be any more interesting the thousandth time round 6 years later.

In years to come if people are still arguing about the merits of Giroud as a player then you’ll probably see this thread closed too.


Fucking good luck to big Ollie
He’s secured a good move to Chelsea, FA Cup Winner ( ? ) ,!he is now a World Cup winner and more importantly he scored a few Worldies for us .
It seems most players under Wengers last 10 years in charge went on to do better things when they left .

Remind me … What did Sanogo do ? How much hero worshipping did he get on here and he was fucking useless.

Gotta love Big Ollie


The Sanogo praise was 90% bantz.


So was Stephane Guivarch


That low?


I think Sanogo was an Ali Dia signing.

He must have convinced Wenger he was Thierry Henry’s cousin.


Yeah, so people discussing him two days after the World Cup final in 1998 would have been having a relevant discussion.

I’ve got literally no idea what point you are trying to make


Sanogo was of course one of worst talents I ever saw but he didn’t exactly stink for us on pitch though


Guivarch, now that was a frustrating player to watch if there ever was one.


This is such a pointless debate. He left 7 months ago!! Who the fuck cares anymore?! :joy:

Just be happy he won the world cup and move on!! :joy::joy:


Who was the big solid centre forward we had on loan from either Barca or Madrid .
He came with all the plaudits but on the field he was so disappointing.
WTF was his name …