Olivier Giroud


Where else am I suppose to gush about Giroud?


@Phoebica you do realise that having 2 accounts can get you banned right?


I don’t have multiple accounts, I just have multiple people on the pay roll



Giroud is still a PL player, he’s somewhat relevant and the argument people are having is contemporary. So the thread is still serving some purpose, unlike the RvP thread.


@shamrockgooner clearly doesn’t agree.


He’s just muted the thread for himself haha what’s the big deal?


He’s being mischievious. Tagging shamster so he has to keep coming back in.


AC is on a day off today???
So rare that he post that many in one single day…

Not my cup of tea, but I am happy for Giroud.
If he doesn’t mind being a backup, I would take him back immediately.


Yeah that’s his personal opinion, I’m just stating my opinion on why I wouldn’t close the thread and why they’re different cases. Suggesting that something along the lines of what I’ve said is possibly why he didn’t close the thread instead of muting it.


Yea. I meant for myself.


Why don’t just mute the RvP thread than?


Eight years of service, almost 300 games and one of the top 10 goalscorers of all time. People might be absolutely disgusted by what he did, but history is not erased. Although it is being tried to it seems.


Because that thread had 100 posts and was a load of shite.




This is a bit dramatic.


The real reason is that none of the mod buddy-buddy crowd believed the demonstrably false (Wenger pushed him out) in the RvP thread, whereas with the Giroud thread a few do.


Somehow Olivier fucking Giroud is also relevant. A player who most of us were very happy to trade Aubemeyang for. Except @Arsenal4thetreble. He’s the true OG.


Well he’s the starting striker for the team who just won the world cup a two days ago and he had a long spell here and polarised opinions, of course he’s a fucking relevant topic for discussion.


He’s traitor. That’s what he is. For joining the club that is the reason of the demise of Arsenal as a contender.


Woah woah. I dunno about all that. Sabotaging Chelsea with his presence is hero stuff from big Olly.