Oleksandr Zinchenko (35)

What Pep appears to be moaning about his team not having anymore appears to be exactly what he’s given us. These boys have soul, doing everything for the cause.


Neutrals haven’t really clocked Zinchenko has missed most of the matches before the WC, and the matches he even played he wasn’t really thar fit, we pretty much forced him back which led to further time out.

Noticed it a lot the past week listening to media or talking to people. They mention Jesus being a big miss and they remember Partey was out for a bit, but they forget Zinchenko. Hell, I’ve heard people wondering what would happen if we lose Zinchenko. Well, you get what we had pre-WC.

I think if we lose 3 of our main guys at any one time then we will feel it.

Our main guys are Ramsdale, Gabriel, Zinchenko, Ødegaard, Partey, Saka and Jesus. Yeah, and Xhaka too tbh. We don’t have somebody who can do what he does in the squad.

Losing 3 of those in one go will damage us. Particularly if the loss is focused in one area of the pitch.

I may be hurting Saliba and Martinelli’s feelings with that but White, Trossard and ESR soften the blow considerably.

We will need luck to maintain this winning run, but like I’ve said before, any team that has ever won a fucking league title has had its main players fit. We will need that too.


Despite that shakey preseason match against Nurnberg, I think Turner has looked fantastic so far.

Good shot stopper and he has actually looked very comfortable with the ball in his feet, which if I’m not mistaken was the big worry with him when he arrived.

With Gabriel I’m not sure. I actually think we could deal with any combination of White, Gabriel and Saliba at CB. I think Tomiyasu could be in the conversation too.
The issues arrive when Holding is involved. Whether it was Gabriel or Saliba this season, whenever he’s been involved the defence kept leaking.
Hopefully Kiwior minimizes his minutes even further.

Rest I think you’re right.

Zinchenko, Partey, Xhaka, Odegaard, Jesus and Saka. A combination of three or more missing will affect our game a lot.

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Gets more freedom and more responsibility at the same time.

Always felt like a bit part player at city and cancelo had an unreal season at left back. Can see why they sold him but agree with you he’s stepped it up as well.

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Zinchenko may turn out to be the most important signing for us in the last few years. I remember the debates in the summer on here about whether he would play at left back or in midfield and the reality is, that he plays in both positions during the same match. His heat map for the Utd game was insane. During the match I watched his movement for about 10mins and it was absolutely epic. His passing is exceptional and I absolutely love his passion. Absolutely love this guy and can’t believe that City allowed him to leave. This may be the best bit of business Arsenal have done in recent years.


You can’t have enough players like Zinchenko.
He’s versatile, hard working, both in defence or attack, with a winning mentality, who leads by example.

It’s a shame we had to go through so many seasons with a team full of overpaid, under performing players, where complacency had become the norm.

But at least now we’ve got a young ambitious manager with a team who are motivated by success rather than greed, who are willing to do whatever it takes to get it.

So Pep was in bed the other night and his missus, feeling up for it, puts his hand between her legs and says, “Remember when you last felt this?” Pep says, “Yeah, when I let Gabby and Zinny go to the Arsenal.”

Not sure if this has been posted before, but just shows the passion of this guy. Absolutely love him. Could well turn out to be the most important signing of this season…


Thought for one horrible moment at the end he was getting sent off having just got booked.


Lad was furious as well, not sure why he was so riled up.


Glad you guys also picked up on it. Him and Odegaard were very nervy when they came on. I guess Zinchenko got a bit overexcited playing against them.

He made an impact initially but as the game went they clearly got under his skin and he kept giving away fouls.
Even Odegaard who’s usually very calm and he’s the last person you expect to be have a go at someone gave Lokonga some shit for not marking Bernardo like he told him to and then naively kicked Bernardo out of frustration.

Yeah was well over the top, can understand he wants to beat city and make an impression but it was a semi-dead game and you’ve come on as a sub when we’re already losing.

Hopefully can keep his cool in the league game and just use the passion for a good performance.

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A bit of a shame Arsenal players weren’t there to help him out. He cut a bit of a lone fugure while City players “acknowledged” him


Back-to-back matches where he loses his head. I get he’s passionate but he needs to do better. He’s one of the leaders of the team now, needs to set an example.

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Yeah composure needed. Awful today.

Nah I think he did the right thing even if his shots were wild.

We tried to play our way for 85 mins and didn’t have a sniff, why would it suddenly work the last 5? Switch it up and get more aggressive and take more chances.

Not mad, class player.

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He did the right thing? We were chasing a goal and he added to the timewasting.

Back-to-back games he’s lost his head. Arteta had to calm him down at FT and told him to go straight to the dressing room.

He stepped it up and tried to do something different, usually I’m very against pop shots that take time off the clock but we weren’t gonna score any other way if we played for 3 days.