Oleksandr Zinchenko (35)


He won’t play more. He’ll play less if anything. Whether we’re the best option for him is another matter, but staying there because he believes he’ll get more game time is just not the one.

Never heard of the journalist

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Only had 10 starts last season in the league so can understand why he might want to move on. We’ll have to pay well for him though in my eyes

Surely they’re going to buy another full back, Cancelo is a right back really, then you’ve got Walker (also a RB).
After that it’s Zinchenko and then Ake (who’s not good enough for them as a CB, letalone full back).
I’m not missing anyone am I?

Without Mendy and if they didn’t buy anyone else, Zinchenko probably would get more gametime this season, but for all the positions they have star studded quality backup I’d be very surprised if they didn’t bring someone else in

Cancelo is the first choice LB. He can do both sides the same

They’re linked with Cucurella

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So, if we do get him, does it mean Tierney will be back up and Tavares goes out on loan? Or does Arteta see a potential in him playing further upfield?

I’ve seen reporters suggest he sees him playing further up the pitch.
Kind of conflicts with our interest in Tielemans and Neves though.

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Yeah, makes more sense to buy an actual midfielder rather than buy a LB and play him centrally as well. Could just be one of those random rumours we get every summer.

The guy that reported it is a reliable one for City news. I think there’s legs to this.

Reckon they’ll end up giving him a new deal and he’ll stay there.

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Yeah, Newcastle would be my bet

If Pepe is sold it is possible Zinchenko could cover a number of positions, which would reduce conflict with Tielemans as more of a specialist, and improve our squad depth.

Newcastle are going to be linked to bloody everybody this summer

Is he any good?

He’s certainly bloody.

Bit heavy though…

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Could you be more underwhelmed than Everton from City though.

Tells you his level?