Old Invincibles vs New Invincibles (FA Cup)


Well what can you say about that first half…one word describes it for me…Sh1t. We are all over the place, I can’t really say who for our lot played well?? Preston deserve this, they are giving it their all, we seem to be strolling about, disinterested???



Yeah, we are going to show excellent mental strength. Any minute now…


Wongas love child has been sh1te for a long time.


I don’t even think it’s our defense tbh, Ramsey and Xhaka are nowhere to be found and when they are in the frame they are being dribbled passed like they’re standing still lol. Seems Coq is a little bit more important to this team than a lot of people think. Also AMN doesn’t look like a RB to me.


Can’t work out if this is a serious game of footy, a joke, or a comedy :expressionless:


This makes it twice in two weeks hes tried two or three fake shots on a solid chance and lost the ball. Shambolic, unforgivable.


I know you’re kidding but we will probably still win. Fuck me though this is unacceptable.




Christmas fixtures be getting a mention no doubt.


That and a poor Ref.



Dont care about a pile up, id take a replay all day and night. Want this trophy.


Is Giroud captain? How the fuck did that happen…


Shoot and you will score…


Now rip em to shreads…


Rambo with his 1st goal of the season.


Sadly, i wasnt kidding. My views on football really dont come accross well on here because as @SDGooner said i think i spend too much time trying to defend everything and justify everything.

But in reality, i am embarrassed. Truely embarrassed.


Look I’m a genius, sparked him into life :slight_smile:


I actually agree with you that mental strength comes from how you respond to a situation but fuck me I’m not sure what you would call that sort of start to a game. Just weakness plain and simple. Arrogance and lack of motivation perhaps.