'Oi Sven, Sign _____' aka The Wishlist Thread


Everton are not a mediocre team.


I could see Lukaku coming to us and scoring 24 and taking us all the way from the dizzying heights of 5th to 5th.

I hope he goes to United he’s exactly what you claimed Ibra to be.


Watching last night the CL final, has been clear how is important the mentality.

If a team, in this case Real Madrid, are mentally strong, are a winner team, any player exprime the maximum of his possibility and quality.

Is Keylor much better than Cech? Is Carvajal much better than Bellerìn? Is Casemiro much better than Xhaka? Not for me, but the difference between them is the winning mentality.

Kroos, Modric, Ramos have made them better. The WC players makes better everything.

This is what we need at Arsenal. Probably I’m too optimistic despite a tragedy season finished with a 5th place, but we have all the instruments to build a great squad, because we have the fundamets.

What we need now aren’t marquee players like the idiot from AFTV said with Ornstein, but mentally strong players with the huge personalities. Fabio Capello (a WC manager years ago) agreed with Arsène when our manager said the bad enviroment around the club has ruined the season, but if you have players strong mentally, the damages would have not been too big.

Kolasinac, especially as free agent, has been a tremendous signing, but now I would see this team helped with oustanding talents. Tired to see makeshift players at top level like Gabriel, Elneny, Lucas Perez etc… I want the WC players, I would like to spend 100/150M on three players and not on six players.

We need to have a group of 14 players on another level than the rest, especially because we’re not Real Madrid and may be impossible to keep on the bench players with the quality to be starters in every other top team in Europe.

Cech; Mustafi, Koscielny, Monreal; Bellerìn, Xhaka, new WC midfielder, Kolasinac; Ozil, Sànchez, new WC striker.

Martinez; Gabriel, Mertesacker, Holding; Oxlade, Coquelin, Ramsey, Bramall; Walcott, Welbeck, Giroud, Iwobi, Cazorla.

To buy two world class players is better than to waste money to buy for example Gibson (for 25/30M) to replace Gibson, 25/30M to replace Cech with Pickford, 40M to replace Coquelin with Naby Keita etc…

The perfect strategy to replace normal players are two: buying WC players or scout young & cheap players. Selling normal players to buy other normal players but spending many money it’s a suicide.

C’mon Arsène, I’m with you, huge money for a short number of players.


Mentality, experience/maturity etc. It all doesn’t mean shit if the proper quality is not there. Real Madrid has by far the best squad as far as quality goes in the whole world.


Quality without winning mentality is nothing. Try to remember a player like Mario Balotelli or the same Gonzalo Higuain…


Higuain actually has had a quite succesful career… Even if the World Cup final of 2014 and Champions League 2017 are stains on his resume. Balotelli wasted his indeed.

You can’t build a title winning team if there is not enough quality even if you have all the winning mentality in the world.


This is why I am hoping he will not renew and be sold this summer. Obviously would keep him if he’s okay with being a wing back, but it’s obvious that’s not how he seems himself, and in any other position he’s a calamity.


Why what are they in your opinion?.


I have to assume you think they are below that rating because above it they are not.


I don’t get why everyone keeps jizzing about Everton and Koeman this season.

They came solidly 7th, 8 points behind a thoroughly unimpressive United.

They’ve really not been anything to shout about this season.


Agreed, Everton just did exactly what was expected of them this season, nothing more nothing less.


They’re absolutely nothing special. But they are not a mediocre team. A mediocre team is Watford, Swansea and so on. Everton are not mediocre.




Sell Sanchez since we are gonna lose him anyways and now with City picking up some major injuries they might give us a kings ransom even though he’s only 6 months away from being out of contract. You guys have convinced me it’s also time for Theo to leave. With Laca being bought we’ve got to give him a chance at CF and Theo is wasting in the reserves, when he could be doing well for Southampton or Everton type teams.

Out: Sanchez 50m
Out: Walcott 20m

In: Seri 40m
In: Mahrez 35m

I’m looking at this realistically, think we really could get those two players in quite easily. Seri is crying out to leave and they want to sell. If that were to happen I’d like to see Wenger go to a diamond in midfield.


Elneny is solid af and imo miles better than Xhaka, if he took on the Coq role and won back possession and just cycled it to Wilshere or Seri we’d be in business. I love Mahrez on the counter he’s a fucking wizard and we waste so many opportunities on the counter atm. Think this would save our season tbh. Btw AMN has looked a beast at LB I want him to get more time.


I’d like us to sign De Vrij in prep for the summer. He’s available on a free. I’d also like us to sign Hoedt from Southampton who is a good CB. Mahrez is a winning option too. And surprisingly I wouldn’t mind Ross Barkley as I believe the raw talent is there.


I would loooooooooooooooove for us to sign Fekir, i am sure he will get the best out of Laca they work well together. Even if we did though wenger will fuck him up also.


Mahrez in Jan, with Walcott going the other way as a replacement. Feels like the most realistic business to be done.


Lets make it happen.

Leicester manager Claude Puel says he needs Riyad Mahrez to make a decision over his future after the Algeria international scored one and made another in the win over Huddersfield.

“It was a fantastic game for Riyad. I like this player and I’d like to keep our best players,” he said.

“We will ask him the question.”

Mahrez, whose contract expires in the summer of 2020, put in a transfer request last May, but remained with the Foxes after Roma had a final bid of more than £27m rejected.


Please Riyad! :pray:


We need to sign a winger to make the transition from Ozil/Sanchez easier in the summer. It would be really dumb not to act now. Even a buy now and loan out for the next 6 months type deal.