'Oi Sven, Sign _____' aka The Wishlist Thread


Yeah well we kinda need a player like him right now and I’m sure he’d prefer us to Everton. Besides if he’s as good as some people around here made him out to be he’d be a bargain.


Ricardo Rodríguez


If you think Mourinho sells Schneiderlin to us you’ve lost your mind son.


He’s probably still fuming about Cech :laughing:




Lionel Messi.
Cristiano Ronaldo.
I heard they are ok.


Too old.


You are a scholar and a gentleman!


I want a replacement of Santi.

His style of play is so important to us, but age and injuries are really affecting him (and us).
I doubt if he can get back to 100% when he comes back.


This kid is the answer, tailor made Santi replacement who wouldn’t cost over £25mil since his contract expires in 2018 and he’s unwilling to extend plus he can play at a high level already.

This is the kind of signing we should be making to jettison the likes of Ramsey from the club.


May I know his name?



Mahmoud Dahoud from Gladbach just turned 21 this month.

Him and Xhaka had quite the partnership when they played together.


Excellent hair.



I think labelling him the answer is a bit too much, but I do really really want him or any midfielder similarly aged & talented. Not really interested in seeing top players that’ll waste their peaks under Wenger being signed anymore tbh.


Xhaka - Dahoud needed @Wenger


@Burgundy: Long term I think he can be, very similar style of playing plus has a huge engine and appetite for defensive contribution.

When I watch him play I see shades of Verratti, Gundogan and Santi in him.

If we were to sign him Wenger wouldn’t have too long to corrupt him heh.


i think we should sign KDB i reckon a cheeky 30m + £1 and a packet of crisps should twist Citys arms :stuck_out_tongue:


I want creative players for the wing. Proper players too whom Cazorla/Ozil can play the ball confidently.


Reus? Might be a case of no smoke without fire, but if we ever were in for him sure as fuck wont happen in January…probably wouldnt happen at all, but would be awesome if it did and we kept Sanchez of course.


I know it wouldnt happen but i would love Wenger to sign either Lewandowski or Osumane Dembele. I reckon they would really help Sanchez and Arsenal in general either score more or rip teams to shreads.