'Oi Bl1nk, Sign _____' aka The Wishlist Thread


Lol love how the fans think they know better than the professionals.


In fairness they’re often at work when matches are on.:wink:


Even you yourself has said that the our football has declined rapidly on a technical front, and offensively we are simply not that attractive.


Or perhaps they have huge respect for Wenger, unlike our ungrateful entitled fans


unlike our ungrateful entitled fans, who happen to be the people who pay his 8m a season wages.

How dare they say anything against your mighty leader.


It’s not like Wenger doesn’t deserve critics these days :xhaka:


As far as I am concerned, fans are not paying as much as they should.

Ticket prices are way too less for fans to have any claims on how Arsenal is run.


Are you kidding? We’re the most expensive team to watch in Europe!


Which means other teams are also not pricing their ticket properly


How much do you think a ticket for a Premier League match, v Liverpool for example, should cost then? And why exactly are you for the idea of pricing out fans?


Because if the transfer prices like 100m plus and wages of 350k+ is to remain and fans expect clubs to make that happen, the onus of shelling out money towards transfer should come from fans.
Only then I think fans are eligible to criticise clubs.


It does, unless you support Chelsea or Man City.

The fans are the club.


Romantic but not true ofcourse.


It is true.
No fans, no club.

Players, managers and owners come and go, and the only constant at any football club are the supporters.


It’s a bit of the chicken vs Egg though isn’t it? Wenger brought unparalleled success early in his stint with us, which brought in a ton of fans from outside of England on the contintent, and even more overseas. In what Scenario do you see Arsenal being as successful and expanding their brand all around the world without Wenger?

I’m a perfect example. I spend every weekend morning tuned into the PL to watch Arsenal. Millions more like me do the same. That’s brought huge tv contracts and tons of money to the club. Why do I give a shit? Wenger.

Arsenal would still have fans if not for the current manager, but there wouldn’t be as many, and it’s doubtful the club would be getting 40m per year in shirt sponsors ect. People are so short sighted, sure he’s past it now but the work he’s done in building the brand can’t be understated or undone very easily. We are out of contention for the PL but it doesn’t seem to matter because we can buy top players and still attract partners to give us shit loads of money in sponsorship deals. Once again despite the fact we are having thee worst season since AW has been manager.

I would like to see fanatics give a lot more respect to the man, he deserves it.


Tl;dr I love Wenger


And you should too, because it’s more likely than not the Arsenal you know now would be a much shittier, poorer, less revered, bootleg version of a club without him. Short sightedness though is a hell of a thing.


I do respect what he has done for the club, but he has been dragging us down for several seasons, and it doesn’t seem to be getting much better this season.

A lot of supporters seem to be more Wenger supporters than Arsenal.
I have supported Arsenal a lot longer than Wenger has been here, and nothing is going to change that.

I get the feeling with a lot of Wenger fanatics that they would follow Wenger out of the door to wherever he goes.

I’ve said before, he is the greatest manager we have had, and rate him as the best in the PL, above Ferguson and Mourinho, simply because he has had more influence on the league than either of those two, and although successful, their success was mainly bought.
They are also two of the nastiest managers in football, with no charm or class.

But how long do we allow Wenger to continue to drag us down.
At some point he, or the club, have to admit we need a change, and the longer he stays the more he will lose his reputation.

Personally, from interviews I’ve seen with him this season, I think he knows he has gone as far as he can, and he will leave after this season.
I don’t see the same desire he used to have and he doesn’t even bother making excuses for poor performances any more.

I think the board have a new manager lined up, like Ancelotti, and we will see a much needed change at the club.


I am deeply appreciative of what Wenger did for the club and am glad he came. But I think you are really overstating the case here.

Football was going to explode commercially worldwide and in England with or without Wenger. That was driven by much bigger forces than one man. Before Wenger, Arsenal were still the biggest club in London, which is the biggest city in England and a world class international location. If Wenger had not come to Arsenal, the club still have been viewed as a marquee asset/investment for some billionaire. We might have ended up like Spurs but we also might have ended up more like Chelsea or City. There are scenarios (ie, Spurs) where we were less successful but there are also plausible scenarios in which we might have been more successful in the long run.


The highly exciting football Wenger implemented during his best years propelled to the forefront of that worldwide commercial explosion. That’s @Arsenal4thetreble point.

The players we had and the football we played was very attractive and fun to watch for new fans all over the globe. I doubt we would have had such a strong fanbase worldwide today if we had stuck with our pre Wenger style of ‘negative’ and ‘boring’ 1nil defensive football signing prominently English players. it’s not as marketable