'Oi Bl1nk, Sign _____' aka The Wishlist Thread


i’d take him over Banega


Cancel the winger signing Sven. We already got Iwobi.


Let’s not get ahead of ourselves! Iwobi still has a long way to improve…and we still need strength and depth in the squad.


need another winger anyways.


Need a good leader of a defender.

Where is Samba these days?


I wish we could replace Xhaka with Rabiot.


I remember those days, fucking Chris Samba


I want a winger. Really bad. Even Iwobi can make a difference just because he some proper dribbling unlike other players in the squad.

Maybe this Pavon thing clears up after the Copa Libertadores finals this month.



I want us to spend a large proportion of our transfer budget in the summer on a CB…looks decent


I want us to spend


Forgot about him completely but Brandt could be a nice player to add. All in all, there are loads of wingers available and I’m sure most teams would want to cash in sooner than later. Pepe, Brandt, Lemar, Malcolm, Pavon and Lozano all targets we could go for. Isco and Zaha situations should be tracked as well.


Pipe dream with the yankee :kroenke:


First off the name of this thread needs to be changed back to just the wishlist, second some of this depends on CL football so we really really really need to get that sweet sweet 4th place.

Our summer window (if everything goes absolutely perfectly):


Ospina - 4m
Martinez - 2m
Xhaka - 18m
Elneny - 10m
Ramsey - free but :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: wages
Mkhytarian - 15m
Mustafi - 12m

If we have 75m+ to spend, this will give us 130m+ at least.


Rabiot - free
Ndombele - 50m
Sarr - 30m
Hermoso - 40m (release clause)
Orban or Felipe - 15m



Starting xi:

Bellerin—Papa—Hermoso—Kola (:expressionless:)

Bench: Macey, Orban, Holding, Kosh, Mav, Nacho, Guendouzi, Chambers, Ainsley-Maitland Niles, Willock, Smith-Rowe, Iwobi, Saka, Nelson, Welbeck, Lacazette

Alexandre Lacazette (9)

We could easily recoup or even make profit on Xhaka. He’s considered an integral part of our team, being a starter and a captain. Anyway, I really doubt our team will cash in. Xhaka will stay, at worst as back-up.


Maybe we could, but the word easily sure as hell doesn’t belong in that sentence.


I know you don’t rate Xhaka but enough people do, I’d be staggered if we only got 18 million quid for him in the current climate of transfers.


Fair enough I just wanna cut bait and be done with him. Although honestly I wouldn’t mind him as depth in case we suffered an injury or two as we’re known to do. Anyone think it’s possible to convert Özil into a deeper lying midfielder kinda like Cazorla did in his later years converting from a winger to our b2b guy?




I would keep Mkhitayran and Ospina as, for the money we’d get for them, I don’t think we’d get much better.
I know Mkhitayran is on high wages but he is a decent player that Emery seems to like.

If we do get 75m for those players I don’t think we’ll spend anywhere near 130m.

The biggest window we’ve had was when we bought Xhaka, Mustafi and Perez and our net spend was around 80m but that was following the previous window where we only bought a GK.
So spread over those windows we averaged around 40m a season.

There is no way we are going to spend anywhere near 130m in a single transfer window.