'Oi Bl1nk, Sign _____' aka The Wishlist Thread


Like the idea of De Ligt - young yet already established in a decent footballing side/upbringing… should have nabbed him this summer instead of Papa (would have cost more probably, but that is fine).


Yep. Seems like the real deal. Complete defender and surely looks like a leader. Give him #4 as well and we got a potential captain.


Would be absolutely DeLigted if we signed him

Think we can get him around €60 million


Skriniar or Romagnoli would be my choices.

Manolas too.


Like Romagnoli too - get both =)

How much would he cost though?


All impossible lol


Can’t imagine that Roma would cost more than £50m tbh with you.

Would thrive in the system Emery wants to play that’s for sure.


Guendouzi or Xhaka. I’m positive we will not get rid of Xhaka.


Get both for 80-90 million pounds, be sorted for nearly a decade… sell Chambers, Papa, let Koss retire, sell Xhaka… net purchase of 40-50 million and cut costs on wages to boot… I’d be all over that… of course it is FM dreaming.


Manolas third time a charm :joy:.

I think these defenders like Romagnoli, De Ligt, Skriniar who are going to cost 50+ million are not going to come here.


Which is why I feel we have to up our scouting game a bit. We need to catch more of these players before they make their move to a semi big club at which they can perform well enough to be worth around the 50m mark.

If we aren’t spending as much as other big sides then if we are to compete we’re going to need to pull a few more of these players out of the bag before they cost basically an entire summer’s budget.


Manolas is very overrated. Mustafi-esque type of player.


Thats why SVEN KING is here. How long has he been here ? 7 months. Surely we as a fanbase can give him some time to work it out.


I can promise you he’s better than Mustafi lol


We need at least 2 CBs so i’d go with Rugani and Marquinhos.


Maybe he’s a better version of Mustafi but he is still very overrated. Could take him for 10-20 mil but anything in the range of 40-50 mil. is a no go for me.
This fanbase would eat him alive if he played for us.


Anyone in here follows Pavon? Reminds me too much Walcott. Not that it’s a bad thing. Pace and good movement down the right. Got a nice shot as well. Still, think he would be worth a ton in this market (given his age and of course being a South American forward).
Would take him for 20-25 mil. though and hope he surpasses Walcott’s peak.


Think Lozano is better. Should get him, imo.


Yeah, he’s one to watch.


Pavon had a good WC though. Wouldn’t mind as well.