'Oi Bl1nk, Sign _____' aka The Wishlist Thread


Napoli wanted Meret to replace Reina last summer. Wonder if Udinese are gonna give him a chance next season if they stay up.



Good intel lads, keep it coming.

My current impression is he’s great / terrible he’d be a success / failure here.



Offer what they want for Oblak. He is a must this summer.



Have to get a better GK coach as well, ours is fucking garbage.

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Just put on the Liverpool v Stoke game and realised Kurt Zouma is playing RB for Stoke.

Has he been injured for most of the season, or any other explanation why he has fallen off? He was touted as one of the best CB prospects in 2014/15 season (Mourinho won the league with Chelsea that year).



Yep. Very lengthy injury set him back a lot.



He’s played loads this season. It’s only been a few games over the last month where he has been a sub. He was injured a lot the two seasons prior to that.



We need some pacy flair on the wing next season. A guy who can beat his oppo for dayz. So far im really impressed by the argentinian Correa from Sevilla. Guy is a dribbling god with height and strenght to go with it.



Speaking of wingers/attackers with flair, was watching PSG v Guingamp and Marcus Thuram had a bloody brilliant game. Looks like a marvelous prospect, amazing strength to go with his dribbling ability.

Anybody got any more insight / thoughts on this chap?



Any relation?



Lilian Thuram is his dad

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Sounds like his mother to be honest.



Again, I want Draxler. He could form a good partenership with Ozil, his NT teammate.


We will have speed and skill on this lineup, and this is good.

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im very impressed with Draxler. His two-footedness and ability skin defenders makes him lethal. On top of that he has a decent built to him which suits the prem. He shouldnt be too expensive either.



You are right, he is two footed, that is a plus.

Imagine the few years before Miki arrived, we have almost 0 capability to go deep on both flanks and cross the ball out (high or low). It was like we lost a very efficient way to score. We had Sanchez, which was pretty good in one on one situation, but he always cut in and shoot by his right foot.

Since we had Miki, our attack on the right side is very dangerous. Especially when you can go deep (cross or not), keeper has to spend an amount of energy and concentration to defend the side. Unlike we always attacked from middle, opposing keeper only need to defend the middle.

Draxler does not have lightening speed but his his fakes, acceleration and two footed ability made him lethal in one on one. He can go deep and he can cut in. Also he has size… That’s why I want him so much.

With him, our attack will be very balanced in the middle and on 2 sides.

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Sarri is a manager I’d love to see at Arsenal, and perhaps he could bring Koulibaly with him.
Evans would be a shrewd bit of business considering our supposed 50m budget, however seeing as this is a wishlist I’ve gone for Samuel Umtiti.
A new 'keeper (I’ve gone for Roma’s Alisson) is a must too imo.
I dunno how much Nzonzi would cost but it’d be boring sticking with Xhaka/Elneny, despite the Arsenal men being more than decent defensive midfield options.
Gone for Oezil on the left so he can be on his favoured foot when delivering to Auba/Laca/Rambo.

Re: Draxler, he’s a man I’d also love in the red and white, but I don’t think he’s as needed as defensive reinforcement.



He would be good in our attack but realistically we would only be able to afford him if we sold Welbeck to help pay for the transfer fee and his wages.

I would think the main bulk of our transfer budget will go on a CB, CM and GK, so any attacking players might be too much.



Unless we play Laca-Auba-Ozil-Miki altogether, otherwise there will be always a hole on the left when Welbeck or Iwobi playing. It will be a waste.

To fund the Draxler transfer or not, I am more than happy to sell both.

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Rather we sign a proper winger. Draxler is too similar to Mkhitaryan and Ozil.



how would you characterize a proper winger? Draxler got decent pace and can dribble past people for days. Hes also able to cut inside for his favoured right foot but also dribble to the byline and cross.