'Oi Bl1nk, Sign _____' aka The Wishlist Thread


Sven knows all, and see’s all. If this guy is the real deal he won’t escape the long arm of Svengali.


Elite song selection for an elite young talent.

Pls Wenger


Btw. We have been calling for these postions to be strengthened since the Almunia, Flamini/Song and in lesser extent Gallas days. That’s just sad.


Gk - Horn, Allison(Roma Gk), Butland cheap once stoke get relegated,

Defense- tah, Gibson and get luke shaw or Ryan sessegon.


He’s also pretty easy on the eye.

We’re running a bit short in that department at the moment :grin:


Throw Nick Pope in there as well.

He’s looking very good, another season like this and a bigger club has to sign him.

I’d even say get him in the summer at this point.


Sven doing the final checks on Max Meyer…



Or he just went to one of the biggest derbies in German football to enjoy the football :wink:.

Edit; Meyer is on the bench anyway.


Rumour this morning is we are willing to pay €40mil for Rugani. I don’t know if we can recoup €35mil from Mustafi in order to make it happen though.

@SRCJJ will be happy if this goes through.


Yes! Italian defenders :smiley:


He’s being wasted at Juve at the moment. He’s a top talent.

I’m a huge fan of him, Caldara and Romagnoli.

I think Caldara joins Juventus this summer, so this isn’t an impossible transfer.


I’ve only heard good things about him. Not sure a season under Wenger will do him any good though, benched at Juventus will do more for his confidence.


I wouldn’t want us to sign him with Wenger as our manager. He’d make a mockery of him


Contract expires in 2019


Don’t rate him at all.


The best young Italian keeper.


I’m no expert on Italian football but just presumed that Donnarumma (sp?) was the best GK prospect?


I think he’s still very young and naive. He’ll be world class one day but right now Perin is ahead of him for me.


Meret is the one to look for the future.


I rate Meret too. He’s third in the list for me.

Although Sirigu deserves a mention for Italy number one based on this season.