'Oi Bl1nk, Sign _____' aka The Wishlist Thread


That should be our motto.

Considering the amount of time Wenger has been rebuilding, and the players he has got at the club who are at their peak, as well as very few injuries, this season has proved Wenger is no ;longer good enough to manage a top European club.


Work permit. Third party ownership. Potential massive fee. I see too much hurdles for Arsenal to sign a Brazilian talent. Sanhelli might have connections since Barcelona was active on the Brazilian market, but don’t think this one is realistic.


Watford got a permit for Richarlison. Fee would similarly be between the 50th & 75th percentile, has more u20 international appearances than Richarlison had at the time (these are taken into account now) and has played in their version of the Champions League. He’d have a strong case.


Need to break the bank this summer!

2x CBs: Gimenez / Manolas / Koulibaly


and now you will wake up and realise youd be lucky to get 2-3 new players MAX.


Our bank or the Bank of England?


This isn’t FIFA manager mode lol


Honestly I think we should drop a massive bid for Martial this summer in the hopes of unsettling him.


He is the true wishlist signing imo.

His contract talks have stalled.

If Wilsh wants out, lets do another swap deal lol. Nah but serious, he is the dream.

Actually, another dream


we should be ALL OVER THIS

@Sven @Arsvenal4thetreble @Arsenal4thetreble


Our squad needs serious investment if we are going to get back to where we need to be…we have an aging defence and an ineffective midfield…plus we haven’t really replaced some of the players we have sold over the last two windows or spent all the money we received from their sale/savings from their wages or the profit made by the club…two new CBs are critical as is a strong DM who can run our midfield. I would still love to see Mahrez in our team alongside Ozil and Miki…but whoever we sign we need to improve strength and depth everywhere in the squad and if that means we need to sell a few higher profile players like Bellerin then so be it.


Look at this…



Fan fiction.


Whatever tiny credit The Football Mole had built up, it just evaporated with that tweet.

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But if it happens…

Anyways Fred sounds like the Brazilian Seri @Arsvenal4thetreble need to be on the case tell your man Moley to tell your man Sven


Supposedly Barca are closing in on signing Greizmann, so that opens up the possibility. We probably can’t afford him but at least we are inquiring.

In other news apparently we asked Fulham about Sessegnon. We are looking at him as a long term replacement for Nacho supposedly.


In this game of football you get some players right and you get some wrong. That’s how it works. Stones will be the best British CB of his generation and I’m certain of that. And in a few years time I’ll either be really wrong or really right.

But that’s besides the point - this is about Mustafi. And he’s just not very good.


Not even City would buy all those players! We would be lucky to get Meyer and Malcom.




I’d go for a one-year loan without option to buy. He’s an exciting player and that’s what it is all about at the end of the day.


I disagree.