'Oi Bl1nk, Sign _____' aka The Wishlist Thread


We aren’t a functional defensive unit, and our midfield is non existent. The attacking players get the “we aren’t managed properly” excuse, so why not the defenders?



There’s a good chance that there’s a class defender in there, sure he does some dumb and rash shit from time to time but he’s still relatively young for a defender who typically enjoy their peaks later in their careers.

I’d definitely like to see him under a tactically astute coach that can implement an organised and cohesive framework for our defenders to thrive, Kos wasn’t too dissimilar around the same age and he’s been one of Wenger’s best singings in recent years.


Chris Smalling is pretty high up in all those categories too and I won’t be convinced he’s anything other than shit.


And so is VVD, the guy who OA was convinced we should be spending 75m on. Mustafi is quality imo. That much was apparent to me when we went his first 21 matches straight without losing. He became disenchanted rather quickly his first season, and asked for a move in the summer. That has a lot to do with his less than ideal performances lately, like I said I’m obviously just doing some guess work. However even a slightly distracted Mustafi is coming up with big performances. We just scrutinize him a lot more because we are watching his every move.


You can throw out all the stats in the world but he’s culpable so often and more often than not it’s the basics of being a defender that he isn’t getting right.

He’s not even close to being an elite CB. He has terrible issues with concentration and positioning.


Being disinterested is his issue. He’s had none of those problems in his first season for the most part. Anyways I think you should probably keep your opinions on CBs to yourself mr John Stones is world class. Getting lots of play time over there at city atm isn’t he?


Yes! C’mon Sven!


Yea it’s an interesting dynamic so far alright.

My own take on it (and i basically know nothing so this is guesswork) is that i think Sven is effectively our DOF and Raul is a bit more like David Dein, the dealmaker, the man with the connections. You’d imagine when it comes to appointing a new manager it will be those two and Ivan making the call.


Best place to put it i guess, but interview with Chris Wheatley


Again whole thread is seen when you click link.


Abdou Diallo mentioned again in that thread.


Sorry I’d love to win the Europa but I just could not stand another season of Wenger. No matter what he won. We can try again for it next season


What’s your point? Is this meant to make me change my mind or something?



Canceled in the final stretch of the transfer window, Corinthian Maycon’s departure for Shakhtar makes the steering wheel now glimpse a possible shift to England in the middle of the year. Monitored by Arsenal from the base, it has been the subject of conversations of the London team’s leadership and their representatives. It is, at the moment, the best way seen for the player.


Yes, I’m desperately seeking your approval, because I value your opinion so highly.


That wasn’t remotely what I implied. But you obviously replied to my post for a reason, so I asked what your point was. If you wanna be a bitch about it that’s your prerogative.


Cold as ice.


Do you not agree? :wink:


Not really tbh. I do wish this (small) European success for Wenger to happen. And the club. Next season we’re rebuilding anyway. With or without him.


Can’t see us beating Atletico tbh so don’t really think we have a chance winning it this season.


It’s honestly ridiculous to want us not to win the Europa because that MIGHT mean Wenger goes.

There’s simply no way of knowing what circumstances do and don’t lead to him either walking away, being fired or a mutual decision being arrived at.