'Oi Bl1nk, Sign _____' aka The Wishlist Thread


Horn as goalie if Cologne got relegated.


only thing on wengers mind is to sign himself to another longterm contract :cech:


[I don’t normally quote big text blocks with single word replies but…]



Sami Mokbel & BILD both reporting interest in Leno.

A lot of people that follow Bundesliga think he’s shit and his save numbers are far from impressive :confused: :confused:


Horn is cheaper.


oi wenger please sign your own p45


Personaly Arsenal needs a good Goalkeeper, let’s say Anthony Lopes and a Young beast CB with room for improvemente like Alejandro Grimaldo or Benjamin Henrichs


Fuck Leno & Horn we should just break the bank for Alisson Becker or Jan Oblak.

We’ve only gotta look at Utd to see how of a difference a world class goal keeper can make.


Roma want at least £60m for Alisson and our transfer kitty is apparently only £70m, so… :sunglasses:


Should I change the thread title so it reads “Oi Sven…”?

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I inadvertently stole your thunder after reading Mavericks post above I scrolled up and changed it. Then saw you’d done a poll. :joy:


Can we change the Arsene Wenger thread title to Sven Mislintat too? It’d really brighten the place up.





Hmm It would be interesting to know his actual remit as head of recruitment. Thought he was more in the mould of a head scout


Hopefully we keep it u25.

CB looks a hard position to buy for atm, from what I’ve seen anyway the talent doesn’t look to be there atm.

Manolas is mentioned a lot by the media, yet to speak to someone that really rates him that highly.


What about one of the young Italians? To be honest, the state of defender ability in the Prem is a shambles mostly.


Ppl are hating on Mustafi, but I think he’s a great player that’s been a bit distracted. We do need to replace Kosh tho.


Not a big Serie A follower so no idea. I like Maguire at Leicester but from what I’ve seen he looks too slow on the turn and not good enough defending wide areas. Tarkowski at Burnley is another that looks good but every CB looks good at Burnley.

Diallo has been mentioned by a few journo’s previously including Bouhafsi.



Milan Skriniar.

He’s already an Elite level Cb for me and his only 23.


He’s not a great player, his best is very good but his worst is absolutely terrible. Hot and cold inconsistent footballer.