'Oi Bl1nk, Sign _____' aka The Wishlist Thread


I think Invincibles post is pretty damn good. I am one that sticks up for Wenger, however I also acknowledge that he should now retire, but what really pisses me off is the total lack of respect shown for him by the fans…People calling him a cunt, telling him to fuck off and die, saying stupid things, like a carbon rod could do better…He deserves more than that…Even if his time is now over…
Like Invincible I have been supporting Arsenal long before Wenger, and I will carry on after he has moved on, and will give my 100% support to the new man, or woman, but Arsene has given me some of my best moments as an Arsenal fan, and that I will never forget…

I thought Arsenal were suppose to have class, lets not lower ourselves to Chelseas level, because I for one don’t want a new manager every 6 months…It’s not the Arsenal way…


Says the man who has probably never bought a ticket to a game of football in his life.


Success brings fans, not style. Just look at how Chelsea’s brand has grown exponentially over the last 10 years yet they are boring. Obviously Wenger does deserve the credit for our successes in the late 90s and early 2000s.

Btw. Dein and Fiszman should get more credit for expanding the brand of the club. Whilst I do think roles of coaches are underrated in all sports same goes for the roles of executives.


It’s not like match going fans only pay for the tickets when visiting. Food, drinks, merchandise from the stadium store.


Since I have never behaved entitled towards Arsenal, that shouldn’t matter.


Nobody who ever spent their own money on football tickets would say that they should cost more.

Even by your standards that’s a shit hot take.


Two different periods they’re not really comparable. When Wenger came to Arsenal the wide world TV market hadn’t been established nor was signing foreign players the norm

Chelsea had success in the mid 2000’s with a starting 11 full of international players. The style of football they were playing wasn’t boring either. It’s a mixture of both but the Chelsea example skews things because they tons of money. Wenger development of his side Arsenal was totally organic


I can clearly look at it from business point of view.

Fans expect multiple Ozils in the team, then fans should shell out equivalent amount into the club.

You can’t expect a club with mere 50m profit to satisfy fans’ needs and also keep ticket prices low.

Fans can’t have it both ways.
Either sit back & stop complaining or start paying 100-200 pounds per game if you want big stars.

Simple Maths, You get what you give.


Thank fuck we don’t support PSG then. Imagine how much their fans would have to splash out to pay for Neymar!


Foreign fans are pretty much glory hunters. Glory is the first attraction. Because that is what creates a buzz around a club. Hell. Even Arsenal UK-fans who are not from London are probably glory hunters at first. It has nothing to do with style. (Former) Success is why Real, Barcelona, Man United, Liverpool, Juventus etc. are the clubs with the most fans. Or do you think it’s a coincedence that big European clubs who have the largest followings also have the biggest throphy cabinets?
Sadly for us the glory left the building :wink:.

What do you mean by organic? Wenger bought all his players all the same. Just for less money. With Henry and Wiltord Arsenal made club record signings I think.

Nah. Chelsea were and are boring. Especially in the Mourinho-years. I’m not sure how the Chelsea example skews things. Both clubs expanded their brand on the bases of the success they had.


You sure can.


Don’t know how else are clubs going to generate money to purchase players, if not from ticket prices.

TV deal recently was negotiated at 3.57 billion, down by 14% from 5.13 billion.
The one revenue everyone harped on has reduced, so obviously the income has to come from Ticket prices.

But no that’s a moronic view.


That’s just the UK deal. Overseas deal is likely to double on next sale so the tv money will still be going up.


The club regularly break even or make a profit in some transfer windows just on player sales.
So where are all our profits going?


The point is that you have zero appreciation for the experience of live football, because you’ve never been to a single match. Raising ticket prices only ends up further sterilising the match day experience by excluding the kind of fans who create some semblance of atmosphere. I don’t expect you to care about that, and I genuinely don’t mean that as an insult, but to some of us there is more to following Arsenal than just sitting in front of the television. There is enough revenue in football to not have to fuck fans in the arse at every opportunity. Raise the price of football shirts by 50% instead and fuck the armchair fans instead :money_mouth_face:


If you want fans to stop acting ‘entitled’ as you put it Arsenal should come out and speak out about, and embrace, the ‘new’ reality.

Before you say that could have the wrong ramfications like has been said in the past…you’re already (implicitly) claiming Arsenal can’t afford to compete. So why not just come out about it?


Since our season is over for all intents and purposes (although I will still inflict hot pokers into my eyes for the rest of the year by watching this dross), I figure I might as well start back at FM dreaming.


Ospina - go get a #1 and let Cech ride off into the sunset with a final year as elder statesman, kind of like how Mert was for us this year.

Xhaka - in Stan Lee’s immortal words, 'nuff said

Mustafi - put this guy out of his misery… maybe there is a good player in there, but he looks a complete idiot atm and while a new manager may help him out, I say we get out now and rebuild

Chambers/Holding - figure out if one of these guys has a chance and either loan the other out or cut our losses and sell - they are both in that sweet spot of not quite ready and it doesn’t make a lot of sense to have 2 of these and have them sit as much as they do.

Welbeck - yeah, just needs to go

El Neny - tougher call - could be useful in his current role - and he is one reason why I want to see more of AMN - if AMN can elevate, we sell El Neny… if he can’t, we probably need to hold onto this guy for another year.

Santi and Per - either retire or fade… in Santi’s case, this is another tragic end to a brilliant footballer playing for our club.


GK - need a #1 again… this is probably the position I have least knowledge of, so I will defer to others here… plenty of people mention options like Oblak and one of the German keepers. Just need this sorted.

CB - with Koss aging, Chambers/Holding, Mavro (?), we are super light (which is why I think we see Moose stay with us)… need 2 signings here probably. I’d go with one of the young studs from Italy or a Sule, Gimenez, Van Beek (?), and probably an opportunistic veteran purchase… ideal solution is Chambers/Holding/Mavro (one of these) plus the new boy turn into our next solid partnership.

CM/DM - ok this needs so much work - go get Ndombele (or someone in that profile/age) and probably another depending on how deep we cut. Again, probably one young star plus an opportunistic veteran.

Wing - another big area to address… go get Bailey and/or Brandt… hope Iwobi and the Nelson can be useful on the other side.

Striker - well you can’t have it all - we don’t have unlimited funds… Hope that Auba, Laca, and Nketiah is enough… maybe look for another youngster to add to our youth ranks… can’t really see us splashing here after Laca and Auba investments.




So Lyon are only loaning this dude right? Any permanent deal in place there for the end of the season or could someone slide in and nick him?


There was an arranged price of €11m I believe but it’s not unheard of for these type of deals to breakdown after a 3rd party shows their interest. Spurs did it to Southampton for Alderweireld.