OA Moment of the Year 2018


  • AbouCuellar’s posting hiatus
  • Aubayagang signing day
  • Beating Spurs in recent NLD match
  • Emery becoming our new manager
  • JakeyBoy & SRCJJ meeting up
  • Mysty returning to OA
  • Wenger leaving Arsenal

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Aubameyang day was incredible we were tracking planes and everyone was handing out likes like confetti :joy::joy:


Not gonna lie, but it was very sweet of people to nominate me for this award. It honestly means a lot to me that people seem to care about me around here.:blush: Has been good to return and enjoy Arsenal matters again :slight_smile:


Can we know why you went away?



JB and SRCJJ’s meet up for sure

When we signed Auba, that was awesome.

Wenger leaving. OA version of the Berlin wall coming down. Even if I got hit by a bit of falling masonry. Good fun that.

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As a proud German, I’m sure @Persona can relate to this.


Take the Wenger option away, and it makes for an exceptionally close order :open_mouth:

Unsurprisingly, the departure of Arsene Wenger from Arsenal, much to the relief of everyone, led this award comfortably from start to finish.

But I’m an Arsenal hero!
And we salute you nonetheless

Wenger leaving Arsenal 23 votes
AbouCuellar’s posting hiatus 3 votes
Auba signing day 3 votes
Beating Spurs in recent NLD match 3 votes
Mysty’s return to OA 3 votes
Emery becoming our new manager 2 votes
JakeyBoy & SRCJJ meeting up 2 votes