OA meet up plans


So last night on MDC, I was hinting at some sort of announcement for the next day. Well, it’s not really an announcement as such, but after many years, I figured it’s high time we finally sorted a proper OA meet out :slight_smile:

By creating this now, I thought it would leave plenty of time and discussion to sort things out. Lots of things to consider. The date, the location. activities etc.

I’m thinking some time in the Summer would be ideal. I’m guessing people would want it in London? Or somewhere else if people don’t want to worry about costs. Would it be after a match or does it even have to involve a match at all? I’m just thinking out loud really.

At this stage, all I’m really interested about is, who would geniunely be up for it? I don’t want to limit it to just the UK lot, if anyone abroad wants to come along as well, that be really awesome too :+1:

It’s something that’s always been spoken about for many years, but nothing ever gets done, so let’s try make it happen!

  • Very interested - Up for where ever, whenever
  • Interested but depends on the date
  • Interested but depends on the location

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I’m keen.

Doing it in connection with a game could be fun, even if it is just drinking in a pub with the game on TV.


Can we meet in Seattle? I’m buying the first round!


Can’t think of anything worse tbh. Sorry @Mysty

Hope the rest of you have a good time though


You have a poor imagination. :slight_smile:


Meeting strangers sham. :wink: Not for me. Sounds like a great idea though

For me I’m happy to keep you all as usernames only lol


Brilliant, well up for it.

In the summer holidays preferably, gives me the most flexibility on dates.


What has Calum got to hide hmmm :thinking::thinking:



We can’t both be in the same place at the one time Cristo :wink:


Sounds great! Amsterdam? :smiley:

London would be doable for me. Definitely combine it with a game, maybe even prefer the pub over the stadium as we can all have some beers and celebrate together. Oh wait, we’re shit. Let’s be angry together.


Would be great, awesome! London for me would be ok for me around june.


It’s gotta be London and its gotta be a game. That said no idea if I can make it. :slight_smile:


Are you saying you’d LIKE to come Luca? :henry2: As long as you don’t lose your shit in real life then sure :smiley:


Nah, don’t want to meet Castiel.


I am very shy in normal life :slight_smile:


First rounds on me. :blush:


From Croydon :wink:


I can come, but I’m getting married in August so around the July/August time I’m going to be incredibly busy.


I’d be interested I will be over in Europe at some stage next season, Or feel free to travel to Sydney in July People lol. Beautiful place Australia haha.