OA Last Man Standing Euro 2024

Georgia?! Bollocks

Ditto . . . but with Austria.

Now I know why you gave up your spot :stuck_out_tongue:

Sweet u got france i might have a chance off winning this

Awesome, I got Albania, everyone hates me

I’m fighting you for third place (Croatia) :joy:

Best 3rd place team is based on points in that group - so arguably in the weakest group those other teams have the best chance of getting a best 3rd place spot…

Can someone explain how this game work?
So all I need is just picking a number, getting thrown into a group by random and that’s it? :joy:


Ja @ronniec Ja

Get in, I’m happy with Ukraine. Though it does mean I’ll have to quit my job as a Russian Spy.

I’ve manged to set up a Euro 2024 Fantasy Football league and started a new thread, which includes the link to join. I feel like I have achieved something! :grinning:

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All you need to know, is that whoever you are, Albania is coming.

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Alemenia, right??

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