OA Awards 2018


So, sounds like this was Jakey and SRCJJ’s “fight”. But with thumbs up.


Is it racist to think @SRCJJ is DJ Khaled


How I feel this morning on my way to London City Airport



Mate my head is pounding. My gf woke me up at like 4am being like, “the cat has found a mouse, the cat has a mouse!” and points to this tiny little mouse as it ran out the bedroom door and away elsewhere. She’s then shouting at me about how I’m not doing anything about it, saying I should try to catch it and how it can be done.

My filthy headache had already set in and I told her she was more than fucking welcome to try and catch it with a fucking saucepan if she wanted to (this was her suggested method) but I was going back to sleep and didn’t give a shit. Just woke up and not seen her yet, think I might be in trouble :grimacing:

Anyway, have a nice weekend away mate and good to finally meet after twelve years of both being on the forum and so much time spent living about 15 minutes apart!


The bromance here is off the charts. Well done gents!




The night before and the morning after Jake and SRCJJ’s meetup :gunnersaurus:

(Yeah, it’s a little long winded but I can’t find anything shorter :stuck_out_tongue: )

Anywho, I’ll look at getting the nominations thread up either today or tomorrow, so keep your eyes out folks!


Pure nightmare fuel. Well done @JakeyBoy


@SRCJJ on a train to Woolwich, what you saying fam? :wink:


That’s all folks. Nominations are complete! Once again, thanks very much to those who took the time to send me their nominations in, as I know it’s not an easy thing to do. We received 20 sets of nominations in the end! :+1:

I will have some fun now trawling through all the selections and eventually sort out the final shortlist for all the awards :smiley: I’ll probably put up the polls sometime Saturday evening, so be sure to keep a close eye out and see if you’ve made it into any of the up coming awards.


I was long gone haha. Exhausted wasn’t the word I had the longest day ever yesterday I’m glad I was in bed before midnight.


The polls are now open! Polls will remain open until Friday 21st December 9:30pm . So you have six days to cast your vote for each award.

Votes are annoymous! Have fun :cristo:

And special thanks to my old buddy @Bl1nk for making the award logos for each award.

And after all that work, time to kick back and relaaaax.


So we’re now at the half way stage of the voting. So far we’ve received some really solid amount of overall votes in the awards which is great to see :+1: You have three days of voting remaining, so make sure to cast your votes in all of them. Several awards are literally seperated by a vote, so further votes can really make all the difference :slight_smile:

Links to the polls are located below:

OA Moment of the Year 2018
Poster of the Year 2018
Personality of the Year 2018
Combative member of the Year 2018
The Get a Room Award 2018
Post of the Year 2018
Workhorse Award 2018
Thread of the Year 2018

Incoming mass tagging spam. Apologies if you’ve already voted.

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There’s just one day of voting remaining in this year’s awards. Looks like some will go down to the very end :smiley:

Also I’m really happy to see how much voting we’ve had for each poll. Easily the best amount overall since the switch to the new Forum, so many thanks to everyone for making this successful :kosc:


What I dont get is how some polls have more voters cast than others.


It’s mainly down to not everyone votes in all the awards. They may only opt to a few. Some may also delibrately avoid voting in it until the end depending if they’re nominated for an award and save their vote last minute.

I think as well if there’s a category like Personality which has had plenty of chatter in, then people see that thread more than others and also explains why that’s received the highest amount over the others :slight_smile:



Just a few hours remaining until voting is closed. Will there be any last minute changes? @Electrifying will certainly be hoping so :wink: I will announce the winners in each thread shortly afterwards.


I will also take this opportunity to announce the 2017 winners officially. :joy:


No I’m ok with it. Continuing on with the glorious Scottish tradition of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.