OA Awards 2016 Nominations Thread


It’s time for the nomination process to begin! This year, there are nine awards on offer, with two new additions, the much demanded Hipster of the Year and Level Headed!

Personality of the Year
Rivalry of the Year
Admin/Mod of the Year
Post of the Year *
Troll of the Year
Unsung Hero of the Year **
Poster of the Year
Hipster of the Year
Level Headed of the Year

The Hipster award is someone who has a lot of views a little contrary to the average member, which bucks the usual trends and opinions.

The Level Headed award is someone who displays consistent judgement, in a calm and rational manner, without ever being over the top, amongst the occasional meltdowns!

Some Helpful tips

Post of the Year *
Use this link to trawl your way through OA’s best rated posts to help jog memories on any stand out posts from 2016.

Unsung Hero **
As is customary with this award, you can NOT nominate any previous winners in the list below, as they’re no longer considered unsung. @SRCJJ , @shamrockgooner , @Mysty , @Calum , @Cristo, @PPB, @Gunnerpr .

If you’re struggling to remember names for awards, this link will display all current OA members, in postal order http://community.onlinearsenal.com/users?order=post_count&period=all

You can include up to three nominations for each award. You don’t have to answer all the awards if you don’t wish to. Just do what you can manage. Ideally more we receive, the better the polls will be, so if you have a favourite that deserves recognition, vote them in! :slight_smile: Nominees will need at least two votes, in order to make the final shortlist for each poll. You can NOT choose yourself for an award.

Please send me your nomination choices via PM.

The deadline for entries will be Wednesday 7th December 23:59 UK time.

So don’t be lazy mofos :wink: Do your bit for OA and get involved! :cristo:


Mass tag spam so no one forgets or misses out…

@AbouCuellar @Arsenal4thetreble @arsenescoatmaker @AW49 @ArsenalRDABest @Arsenal @Aussiegooner @Burgundy @Bl1nk @BergkampsLoveChild @Br1t1shB33f @Bilalkhan_01 @Calum @CunningLinguist @Craigie @Castiel @Cristo @Cannon @Dr_Strangepass @Darkseid @DutchGooner @Electrifying @Gio @Gunnerpr @giner @giner @GunnerGirl @Gladiator @hassassin @HiArsebloc @InvincibleDB10 @I_W @ImmoralGunner @JakeyBoy @JohnnyH @Josh @Kaner @Kirk @ljungbergkamp @Leper @LukeTheGooner @LFS-forward @lengooner @Lister86 @Midfield_Maestro @mhappy @Maxi_Gooner @Maverick79 @MO_OA49 @morrisc311 @NeedCoffee @Oliver @oompa @Ocke @Phoebica @PPB @Persona @Powderfinger @RichardDeP @ryaninho @ronniec @Robin_L @SRCJJ @SDGooner @Shill @Stroller @SEND-MONEY-NOW @sunny310c @TheSpecialCnut @Titou14 @TA-6 @Trion @tone @wilshambition @will24 @YJYUX

Thanks to those who have sent in their choices already, hopefully many more over the coming days :+1:


Akready received some very interesting choices so far it has to be said :smiley: Keep them coming, need plenty more!


Mine are in, can’t wait to see the hipster nominations lol


Just sent mine! Come on people! Send your nominations in.

Here’s a cat gif




Come on kids, even I’ve done the cool thing here. Get yours in!


I’m very very ahsamed of the community that we aren’t taking the hipster of the year nominations seriously. Get to it lads.


If one truly possesses the soul of the hipster then one does not engage in such a frivolous activity as partaking in an internet prom queen election.

And I hope you appreciate how much I Americanized that post just for you.

And the word Americanised too. :bellerin:


Really good turnout of nominations today, really appreiciate it lads! I still need some more, but it’s looking much healther after what I’ve received today.

One award I have 21 individual member nominations, incredibly! So if you’ve not nominated yet, quite literally another vote for someone will make the difference of making the shortlist for an award, or just missing out :smiley:


Noms sent :kosc:


Me too. Get on it anyone who hasn’t done so:)


If you haven’t managed to do nominations, you have just two days left to get your entries in. The response over the weekend was excellent. A few more would be perfect. I have received 14 sets of noms in total. 15 or more would be ideal :+1:


This sounds a lot like the presidential election, everyone is complaining about my coveted Hipster of the year award yet nobody is coming out to vote :cristo:


For Rivalry of the Year I nominate Trion and Logic.


[quote=“AbouCuellar, post:16, topic:955, full:true”]
For Rivalry of the Year I nominate Trion and Logic.
[/quote]Why not send me a list of some others while you’re at it :wink:


I just tried but it’s difficult. Troll of the Year category should honestly be retired this year, not anyone around even fit to lace LondresTopo’s boots.


Sent mine. As I said in MDC I had nothing for 5 categories.


I make that 17 sets of nominations, well passed the minimum target I was aiming for, so thank you a lot :smiley:

If I do get anymore nominations over the next 24 hours (tomorrow is the final day), please don’t send me anymore Post of the Year, I’ve got so many unique entries all with one vote (15 infact), no way of cutting them down for the shortlist, it’s going to be a bastard to sort out in the poll having them all in :wilshere:


I found post of the year impossible but unless you’ve done a gio level post i am not gonna remember individual posts. The rest were grand though. Probably the first year I actually nominated three in each category. :slight_smile: