Nuno Tavares (Loan: Marseille)

This guy is a winger now. No way he’s a left back. Should be sold with the price tag that wingers are going for these days…


He loves the ball too much for a left back.

Said all along he’d be better off up the pitch, too much of a liability at the back but clearly skilled on the ball and good at beating a man.

A 5atb system with a good LCB would definitely suit him, gives him most room to go forward without having so much defensive responsibility.

Anyway 100m is the benchmark, let’s go.


According to Di Marzio last summer we valued him at 40m.

There must be a PL team we can fleece for him


Toddy B at Chelsea

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If he was a winger I would this guy is the shit but weak defensively but he is not :unamused: