Nuno Tavares (20)

Well yeah but would be good to actually use players we have rather than Mikel binning everyone he doesn’t like for 5 mins tbh.

Get more out of him - either via the loan to improve his ability or by playing him higher up where he’s not such a liability.

Happy for him to be loaned just hope it’s under a manager who can improve him defensively

If we sign the players we’re linked with though, when does he play? Especially considering Arteta hasn’t shown a whole lot of trust in him so far in 2022?

I think The Athletic or Di Marzio were the ones that reported this but the club wants a dry loan for him, so clearly they think he can come back better or at the very least raise his stock.

I honestly have no issue with that. Let him get a full season elsewhere. By next summer we should have a clearer idea if he has a future here or we might as well cash in.

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Don’t loan him just bin the useless cunt. Get €15m for him and be done with it. Profit turned, no longer our concern


€15m for him…thats crazy talk right there

The venom lmao, I do remember you loving the boy when he first came in now it’s like he’s kicked your puppy. And we all know he loves dogs.

Yeah, I remember he liked his profile and was really happy with the move.
Esplain @SRCJJ ?

I remember liking his physical profile but quite explicitly stating I’d never seen him play but a 6 foot full back was impressive

I had no opinion on him as an actual player when we signed him and I quickly turned sour on him once I saw him play a few games lol. I remember thinking he looked decent going forward but n his initial outings but always thought he’d get exposed by a good winger

Turns out anyone could really have exposed him


Boy, he’s got a sweet Marcelo-esque cross.

Imma still give him the benefit of the doubt, though you’re talking to someone who absolutely loved Santos and his fucking ridiculous wild card samba flair with complete disregard to defence.

Nah I think he’s a genuinely abominable player who had to be moved on really quickly

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When you’re getting absolutely rinsed by Jordan Ayew and Anthony Elanga…

He is young, he could develop, also his athleticism is quite special. Not to mention I think he’s really good value going forward. He’s a complete liability though at LB, needs to play some games at LWB to refine his game, preferably at another club. Though don’t get me wrong if a half way reasonable bid came in I’d be all over it, especially if it would facilitate a highly proficient technical player like Martinez.

What samba flair my gay?

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all of it

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Have you seen how he orders his fish and chips?

He should be a winger for some mid table European club

Our last few finishes:

8th 8th 5th…could have found his level here? :bergkamp2:

I kid, I kid obviously. Arteta would probably love to get him out the door. I’d prefer a sale over a loan.

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Malacia from Feyenoord reportedly going to OM for €15m.

OL. Different club.
He’s joining Old Man Laca.