Nottingham Forest Vs Arsenal (FA Cup)


Wolves’s league position and form:


on the team not being good enough…
It’s difficult. In the first half we played in the park a little bit. We were not precise, especially in the final third. We couldn’t create a lot of chances. In the second half there was a little bit more spirit from ourselves, but in the duels you could see that they out-battled us and that little momentum never really changed. When we scored to make it 3-2 and when he mis-kicked the penalty, obviously we expressed it to the ref but he didn’t listen. It’s difficult to take because for those players who played today, that was probably a last chance to show up and show the manager that they’re ready to play more games. It’s not the case anymore.

Fucking hope so Per! Not bloody reserves in the cups anymore.


When do you want to play with reserves? Starters can’t play 60 consecutive games.


Maybe in the league. Give it all in the cups, bloody Wenger.


i am hoping he is talking about players like debuchy welbeck and walcott tbh, as in ‘this was their last chance’ now they will be pushed out.


Damning indictment from our captain there. His honesty is refreshing, though.


In the league?

Do you want to play PL games with Mertesacker, Debuchy, Holding, Iwobi, Elneny and Walcott?


We are not getting relegated so who gives a fuck about the league position.


Looking at our twitter now and even when we scored they didn’t look too bother compared with the last games. Nobody clearly gave a fuck the game from Wenger 'til our warehouse worker.


Just sad about this… not even angry atm other than maybe perhaps further anger that I increasingly only feel bitterness towards AW, who I so admired and loved just a few years ago…

Easy to overreact to one game, but this was a signature type loss, a significant nadir imho.


Yeah, i am just pissed off. I was more angry against WBA or Chelsea. This is just another pathetic utter performance like the ones we have seen in the past.


We are the cup holders , why didn’t Le Prick play a strong team and lay the gauntlet down to other teams ?
All this bullshit about extra games is sheer bollocks .
Players careers are judged on what trophies they win not another humiliating defeat.
It just goes to show what an underachieving manager Wenger is .
Credit to Forest .


In retrospect, you are right, but we had enough quality delta to win today regardless - our absolute capitulation against a pretty terrible team was pathetic… worst of all, they out-footballed us. Let that sink in.


Anyway, Arsène Wenger made the right decision about the XI. I understand why he preferred to give a rest to the “Premier League players” after a stressful period, especially because of the injuries + a semifinal to play on Wednesday, and a chance to impress to the others.

We can question the team who make the same mistakes every game, we can question why Per is still part of the team, why Walcott failed to impress, why the club spent :moneybag: for average players, but not the selection. 7 international players must to destroy a midtable team.

Manager is “guilty” because convinced an ex player to sign an extension, bought average players, has not bought good players to improve the level of the squad players, kept in the squad deadweights, but today is over to the players.


Yeah I’m with you mate, I feel pretty much exactly the same. I’m not bothered and I’m just counting down the days until Wenger leaves now.


I don’t agree that he made the right decision. He’s rested most of his first team players for the EL and LC games so I don’t understand why he at least couldn’t have brought some to play from the bench. He had nothing and nobody on the bench.



We definitely needed options from the bench today, probably would’ve made all the difference. However, the fact our squad players are so fucking awful is all down to Wenger, he should take the blame regardless of what team is out there.


We know how fragile Wilshere is, Xhaka is injured, Bellerin played every minute this season. Even Ozil and Alexis were stressed. Maybe make Lacazette elegible for this game, despite he is playing every minute since Giroud has been injured, was not a bad idea.


Laca barely plays for the whole game so he is fresh.