Nicolas Pépé (19)

Mustafi and Xhaka, some would have Ozil and Pepe in that category too I suspect.

Ozil is not failed. Some people might not like Ozil, but you can’t say he is failed.


I would say the 90m we spent in the transfer window when we bought Mustafi, Xhaka and Perez is the stand out failure.
But there have been others and I would include Pepe in that from what we’ve seen so far here.

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Sounds like a challenge, I don’t doubt someone will take you up on it.


People also think the world is flat.

Lacazette hasn’t lived upto his price tag and expectations, bar one kind of impressive season last year.

Mkhitaryan for nothing, if you consider that we could have got 30m for Sanchez otherwise


The fact we’re seemingly getting rid of him for free makes the Sanchez swap a thousand times worse.

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City offered £60m for him late in the summer window didn’t they? What a sickener.

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Last day of the summer window too. We couldn’t get Lemar in so scrapped it.

It’s a damn shame we just didn’t take the money.

We should of done. The thing is if we got top 4 with him, it’d be worth more overall in getting the CL money. The attack was nearly completely reliant on Alexis and Ozil at the time.


I agree, we should have done but he was the best player in the PL that season and there would have been uproar if we had lost him without replacing him.

As it turned out we lost him and didn’t adequately replace him anyway but his loss of form and fitness at Man U meant it took the edge off him leaving.


Lacazette is one of this club biggest flops. People knew at the time we were getting done too


I think this is hindsight. He’d just scored something like 40 goals in all comps. He didn’t transition to the PL due to a lack of pace

Disagree, there was more enough doubt about his ability to be a prolific goalscorer at the time. We knew his stats were inflated because of his penalty record.

I think people overrated him because they thought he’d be a better style fit, they mistakenly thought he had blistering pace and he was a new striker not named Giroud.


He was still a 20+ a season striker without pens. It looked like he had decent pace and decent close control. His pace seems to have got worse

Also he isn’t THAT bad. He’s still a 1 in 2 striker with decent link up and creativity. He’s playing with our worst midfield in a long time.

It’s not hindsight, a lot of us didn’t want him to begin with but we’re willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.

For the price we paid in comparision to what he’s contributed, it’s one of the biggest flops for me. It’s a signing that stank of fear and mismanagement.


He’s flopped in the same way Lukaku and Morata have and they cost more in the same summer. Ideally you get higher management forcing through Mbappe, who was the first choice. Failing that get Auba and forget Lacazette