Nicolas Pépé (19)

Doesn’t make sense that he’s been given no chances on the left or up front at all. You’re telling me he couldn’t make an impact or use his pace and finishing in any way better than Martinelli at any stage.


I agree, but when Arteta doesn’t fancy you it means your done here.
Just ask, Aubameyang, Saliba, Guendouzi and every other decent player he’s fallen out with.
What other manager behaves like this and is allowed to leave out 200m worth of talent because he doesn’t get on with them?

We’ll be lucky to get £30m for this guy

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The guy has 1 goal in the league this season. Statistically he has been the worst finisher at the club this year behind Laca in the league. Will leave anyways being sent out loan with a option to buy.

Maybe 30m Pesos


In how many game time minutes though? And why is it always on the right? Arteta’s lack of flexibility to switch things up is a weakness.

He’s had so so many chances pal. He’s been given that trust. Everyone raises that wolves game but any player can have a one off performance. I have no personal hate for Pepe, but he doesn’t suit our system and he’s been a liability time and time again.

Has he had so many chances? I’m not really sure that’s accurate. I’d agree he doesn’t suit our system and should move on but it’s unequivocally untrue that he’s been given so many chances.

Reckon we’ll get £15m to £20m max.

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He has been giving a chances as a starter the previous two seasons If Pepe had carried on from his impressive Wolves cameo, then subsequently he would’ve definitely started at some point, and even if you don’t, doesn’t mean you just checked out. Put yourself in the shop window, Origi save Liverpool countless of times, yet doesn’t get to start, you don’t see him checking out, instead he keeps giving 100% . Also I hope him him good luck at his next club. But yeah fair enough. Some times players do need a change in scenario.

He started less than half of our league games last year and didn’t get 90 minutes in many of the games he started. He has 16 starts with 10 goals so I think it’s complete nonsense when people say he’s been given chances.

Pepe is a better goalscorer than all of our front men he’s just not at the right place to prove that.


My issue with him isn’t even his goal scoring. It’s the amount of times he loses possession.


You have to bear in mind these weren’t Arteta’s players, he wants to build his own team with his own players. Any new manager would do the same, Wenger did it when he came to Arsenal.

Pepe was ur key player in that top of the table since christmas trophy ya’ll won last year in case u forgot :joy::joy:


After he did so well in the run in last year I can’t understand what has happened here apart from him not fitting Arteta’s style although it’s possible he’s lost his way as he seems to be not very bright.

I think we’ll be lucky to get £20m for him but maybe I am being optimistic.

Will be interested to see.

Yet another huge destruction of value that reflects very badly on Raul but possibly also on Arteta for not finding a way with him.

I’ve warned you all last summer despite the way he finished his season he will still not be favoured. Pepe is not Arteta’s guy and the only way to keep his place in the team was by forcing his way into the team by being directly involved with goals.

He hasn’t done that as much this season plus we have doubled down on Saka, ESR, Martinlli and Odegaard.

Will be scandalous to keep this relationship going past this summer. Hopefully him hiring a new agent means that he’s set to move on and the club will actively shop him around.
I can see him being loaned out with an option to be bought, which I think is probably the best solution as I think he’ll kill it elsewhere.

Not favoured but didn’t sell or try to shift him in the Summer.



Yep, because even Arteta has admitted from our wingers he possesses the biggest threat in the box.
He would much rather have him around than not this season.

Let’s not forget, while he wasn’t shopped around last summer, the club was open to sell him for the right fee. Same for Auba.

Doesn’t sound very optimistic to me…

The right coach and system will have him scoring goals for gun, should be able to get at least 25/30m for him

Heard rumours Sevilla are interested, a part exchange for En Nesyri could be very nice

Gotta be a loan with an option to buy.