Nicolas Pépé (19)

Oh good lord

How can the distance run be 0? :joy:

Assuming that those stats weren’t around in Gervbeanio’s day…although doesn’t explain why the numbers are zero for Pépé.

In any event, they’ve played a similar amount now and the stats do not paint a pretty picture.

He’s got talent Pépé but badly lacks the mentality. Just Jeffrey Schlupp with a bigger name

It must not measure weird Bambi on ice running.

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Pepe the friendly ghost folks.

I eagerly await his next training video.

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Ayyyyyyyyy he just nutsed Ceballos lmaaaaoooo :rocket: :peanuts: :rocket: :peanuts: ballon d’or 2021 #yagunnersya


Imagine watching that game tonight and believing that it’s fair to consider Pepe and Gervinho’s time here minute for minute.

We’re literally making Auba- one of the world’s most elite strikers look like he’d struggle in the championship yet people think it’s entirely on the player to provide moments of individual brilliance every game.

Won’t be long before people start getting on Saka and ESR’s case because they can’t see the wood for the trees. Certain players are an issue but no where near as much of one as Arteta’s broken system.


I’d settle for moments of brilliance one in three mate.

At least Saka has been consistent, using him does nothing to support a Pepe argument.


Bro I’ve been saying this exact thing even after our wins. The players won’t be able to do it every game, there’s like 20 games left Arteta needs to set up the team in a way that doesn’t require individual moments of brilliance, but I’m not confident he can. He’s just out of his depth and honestly the owners are killing the club by keeping him on.

Edit: also @Darkseid I get what your saying and respect your opinion bro, but like I’ve been saying for nearly a year now, where just not going to get anything out of Pepe playing the way we are. We won’t get anything out of Eddie, anything out of Auba, because their being asked to play in positions they don’t have the tools to play in. Eddie can’t hold up the ball, and does not have the strength or technical ability to link our midfield/wide players to the attack. Auba is not going to score playing as a wide man, his strength is in his pace, finishing and off the ball movement, he can’t do any of that on the by line, same for Pepe who’s strength is cutting in, with his dribbling and pace into space, but he can’t run at anyone if we play a slow possession football and keep him out on the byline.


We aren’t gonna a great deal more out of him whatever the weather brah he’s a bust.

You can talk about he system and Arteta and yes they’re piss poor but this guy ain’t it, game to game his level is trash and he drifts through games. Watching him play there’s many issues afoot here, he’s not a project player like an under 21. He’s supposed to be in his prime years soon.

You guys will be in for a shock when you see his level doesn’t shoot through the roof even with the manager we need, yes there’ll be a few more goals or assists but he will not be the player we hoped when he signed.

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Limited minutes, I know.


72m, btw

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Thing is we’ve seen glimpses of his talent, so we know he has the ability. Two free kicks in one game one at the dying minutes ain’t happening from an average talent, that’s one example, and despite playing like garbage in a garbage system devoid of any creativity he still has reasonably high numbers in comparison to our other players. So I’m not going to call him a bust until I see him given a proper run and we play in a way that suits him and he’s still shit.

I think that’s all it’ll ever be with this guy; glimpses.

Two free kicks in a game is cool but what about open play? He isn’t going to score free kicks every week. I was so hyped when we signed this dude man, seriously. But from what I’ve seen it’s just not going to work out. And that’s a damn shame because when we drop that kind of money it has to.

The system sucks but why are Saka and ESR doing well? And I didn’t even believe ESR is the answer long term at least not yet but both of them give the team a spark.


I think we’re just seeing glimpses of their individual talent. Honestly the Chelsea and West Brom games, Chelsea especially Arteta was just out of options and was forced to play them and supposedly told them they had creative freedom in the final third. Saka has had plenty of shite performances this season also, and ESR will start to drop off as well. Pepe may not be the one, but this level of underperforming from every single player outside of Tierney, Gabriel and maybe Leno is all on Arteta and his coaching and style of play.


No doubt Arteta was bailed out by Chelsea being crap and facing some poor teams I fully agree, but Pepe can’t even contribute like they did either by just playing at a good consistent level even for a spell.

If he played in this run instead of ESR for example I doubt he’d have a similar impact. I was advocating for an overlapping fullback to help him and play him closer to goal on the inside etc not too long ago but at some point what it boils down to is that a player just isn’t good enough. There are huge issues with his game and mentality.

We were robbed blind by Lille, this guy looks like a part time baller. He’ll drop some hot compilations but his on the field play is lukewarm.

I’d love for him to turn it around but I just don’t believe in him, too many red flags for me but I do want him to excel.


Would basically give him back to Lille for pennies because nobody else will want him. Should have signed Zaha. #UnaiKnew


On Zaha, has there been a human being with a bigger fucking mouth than him? You could fit a Boeing 747 in that bitch


Yoooooooo, and in case ur wondering no I don’t get tired of being right all the time :joy::joy::+1::+1:


At that price I hoped we’d have bought a winger who could torment an organised low block from teams like Palace.

He’s not suited to the prem and we should sell as soon as we can.

Just another Raul special this one. That guy was even worse for us than Gazidis