Nicolas Pépé (19)

Realistic fee for him with covid and all that? :weary:

20-30m maybe

We have to act like a big club and sell him for whatever we can in the summer. Not sure who would want him, though. Even for £30m he’s not going to attract many buyers.

It’s time for me to accept that he’s not the game changer we all hoped he’d be. We gambled and it didn’t pay off.


Was his fee £70m flat?

I’d find it hard to believe we’d outlay that much for a player like him.

It wouldn’t surprise me if it was £50m + incentives…

Having said that, I know nothing.


And the rest :grin: How much did the agents cream off the top I wonder.

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Why’s this Championship player talking about us again?


Why does Troy Deeney keep chatting about us? Have we hired him as an official spokesman?

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He’s on talksport? And he’s asked questions maybe lol. Not that deep


Plus, Arsenal sells.
Swear the club could get relegated and it will still get mad attention.

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We’re not interested in facts here. Let us slate Troy Deeney, alright?! :smirk:


That’s an awful take.



I’m having a hard time hearing him from the second division. Talentless pashun artist without any skill whatsoever.

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It was a good performance to be honest and my main issue was the chance he messed up.
However at this point, good performance is not enough, he should build on it

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The biggest problem is his decision making. He basically has his set position this season and not being asked to do anything outside of his normal duties.
He again after a decent twenty minutes in the first half fades and falls away on a constant basis.
He very rarely improves in the second half of games either. Don’t know your just overall left frustrated with him.


Extremely one footed for a forward also. Not sure if it would be better playing on the other flank.


Yeah there was a dribble the other night that as good as stopped a certain goal because of being so one footed.

I’m not worried about his one footedness. RvP started out as a winger and became a striker and his right foot was as useful as a chocolate teapot.

I think people put too much onus on a striker being one footed/ambidextrous, look at Arjen Robben as well. The worlds most predictable player and yet he always caught people out.

I think Pepe just doesn’t get enough consistent minutes to allow him to build up steam and a run of form.


RvP’s right foot was superb mate

Just one of many great goals with his weaker foot

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