Nicolas Pépé (19)

I have no objections to that word.

That’s to straight forward for Arteta he’d rather play Willian up front and leave two strikers on the bench and the other one on the wing.

He is just coming across as extremely arrogant lol why does he think he’s found gold putting Willian up front when better managers than him have never done it

Lmao Calum ur the most Fairweather fan of any sport i think I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing :joy::joy::joy::joy: never change my dood :+1::+1::heart::heart::heart:

Playing Lacazette a striker up front is fine.

Playing Willian a past it winger is not.

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I’ve been telling y’all how stubborn and arrogant Arteta is and how it would effect us in other ways. At first it was yay what a hard man Arteta is by kicking Özil and Guendo out of the team this is the cUlTuRe change we needed! And now this stubborn arrogant bastard is so fucking up his own ass he’s playing Willian as a false 9 :joy::joy:

I’ve agreed with all that. Özil is done and Guen isn’t anything special.

Not playing a striker away to a poor City team with no KDB is arrogance. A vanity project

Well ur wrong, Özil is better creatively and technically than 95% of our squad and Guendo is a far superior player to Xhaka in every measurable aspect. The running theme tho here is Arteta being a dumb shit and making decisions based upon his ego rather than whats right for the team.

And in regeard to Guendo the kid is 22 and still has plenty of room to grow. Xhaka who’s the finished product, and a shit finished product at that, gets to play every match. I mean if that doesn’t show u the level of delusion that Arteta has I dunno what will.

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A bit much lol

I dunno man, getting a look into how Arteta runs things I think its fair to say the dood is a piece of shit.

Fair enough. I appreciate that.

I’ve just never been comfortable with name-calling our managers. Whether it was Graham, Houston, Wenger or Emery. Just didn’t sit right with me


Pepe isn’t worth what we paid, but I think he’d do a lot better under a manager like Arsene than the rigid style of Emery and Arteta.

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