Nicolas Pépé (19)/Cristo appreciation thread

Hope we can finally sell this wankstain in the summer. 10m will do.

Christ he was shambolic when he came on.


It’s over.

Going out with a whimper just like the rest of the squad, that sub appearance encapsulates why he is barely trusted.

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Even I am considering chasing the thread title to Nicolas PooPoo


When you see how the rest of the team performed these last couple of games you have to admit it was really kind of Arteta to have Pepe’s back and shield him from this passive shittery. Mikel the real Pepe defense force mvp

Meh, I saw him chasing lost balls and getting something out of it today.

People can keep on shitting on him. All we do is throw him for 10-15 minutes max and expect him to pull rabbits out of his hat.

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Those are called misplaced passes.

Nah I jest I love Pepe, him signing for us was geniunely a transfer window highlight for me, just a shame Emery didn’t want him from day one. And that Raul was literally sacked for fraud after the fact. He’ll slay at his next club, this entire saga can’t have been good for the lads mental health and love of the game.

I do wish Arteta had made more of an effort with him but I do understand prioritising Martinelli, Saka and ESR over Pepe, who is probably already looking beyond life in London.

He gave them the opportunity to kill the game, laid it for them on a plate

He shits on himself tbh, I’d settle for doing basics right

Yeah this has to be the end for him here.

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I thought he was perhaps a Peepee

But whatever he is he’s a load of shit and piss.

Look Martinelli has been no better than Pepe on the flanks and has been given endless chances. Why did Pepe not get any opportunities whatsoever down the left flank? It’s an understated question mark that Arteta’s really gotten away with. Yet another resource Arteta and his staff have just abandoned and completely under-utilised in an already paper thin squad.

This manager avoids using anything the club already had before he came with the exception of a few. It’s poor from him.


People can shit on Pepe all they want but when you bomb a players confidence the outcome is that said player can’t even control a ball.

I don’t like Lingard but at United by the end he couldn’t even control a football and all it took was a new move to West Ham and suddenly he was one of the leagues most inform attacking midfielders. Pepe didn’t lose the ability to do basic things like pass the ball overnight that comes from sitting on a bench all season and watching undeserving players take minutes over you


He’s really the outlier of the entire squad.

We have a thin squad but he’s the most useless part of it if the coach absolutely doesn’t want him, doesn’t trust him, and he has no future growth potential.

One of the dumbest decisions this club has made is keeping him here. We should have cut our losses last summer and rolled the dice on literally any replacement, because this was clearly never going to end well for anyone.


Yeah it’s such a shame with Pepe I really wanted him to succeed here and he comes across as a nice guy, but after last night you can see he’s not on it at all. Needs to go and needs replacing.

Just like with Nketiah before him, Pepe hasn’t been given any game time. Saka is without a goal from open play in the last 10 games and yet he’s played into the ground. Martinelli is without a goal in 11 games.

For all of Pepe’s flaws (he has many), I guarantee he’d have scored at least one goal from open play in that period same 10/11 game period. It’s a failure of Arteta’s management not to utilise him.


I don’t think the counterfactual scenario where we play Pepe necessarily means the team is better.
He probably would have scored at least one goal. But he might have created less for others or contributed to us conceding with his mediocre link play and lazy defense. Also, once we committed to starting Eddie, we’re already taking off one forward who can hold the ball and combine with others for another who is better at scoring goals. IMO, a front line of Eddie, Pepe, Martinelli for example would have been a total mess.

Ultimately, we can argue about Arteta’s management of Pepe forever but the bottom line for me is that we just need a different player in this position. Arteta isn’t going anywhere, he doesn’t trust Pepe at all, so Pepe needs to go.

I hope Pepe goes to a different club and shows the world that He is a brainless dribble merchant regardless of the club.

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What an absolute disaster of a signing this turned out to be.

Was it a sketchy deal? Almost certainly.

Was it weird to bring in a player the coach went on record saying he didn’t want? Absolutely.

I think the club also needs to take some blame for mismanaging him a bit.

That said, he’s been a huge disappointment. The argument in his favor is typically, “well if he cost 15m or 20m, we’d be saying what a nice depth option he was” but I just don’t buy that. He’s been mostly mediocre to poor and occasionally excellent (the 2020 FA Cup Final comes to mind and his cameo against Wolves too). Even if he did cost 20m, that’s just not good enough.

We’ll probably have to pay him to leave (again) and take a huge loss in the process.


He was briefly reborn after Afcon and put in a game changing performance before bombing out again.

There’s too much smoke to this fire not to make me think Artetas playing a big role in so many expensive players turning to shit.

Last night was an abomination in every way.

First few pages of this thread are painful reading lol