NFL Thread

I think a large portion of the fanbase, myself included, were excited by his appointment after the Gase debacle, but his honeymoon period is very much at an end.

He made some pretty dumb comments following on from the opening day loss about ‘taking receipts’ regarding the doubters, and shoving it down their throats when the Jets bounce back etc.

He has yet to prove anything in terms of being a good head coach. Comes across as a great motivational speaker, but not much of a football mind.

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The fucking JETS!

They’ve turned it around

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Tua Vs Lamar was lovely it sounds like

Trey lance leg is fucked

Blame Shanahan for treating his QB like a RB. The’s the same family ruined RG3

Lucky they kept Jimmy G on a reduced deal

Jets, Mets, Arsenal all winning. I’m ready for cocaine and hookers!

Tyreek Hill destroying my fantasy team, the only blip.

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Fucking Rams with a struggle win againt Atl ffs


Rough one

Thoughts @Electrifying ?

I love Fields though.


Yeah that was poor. I guess more of reality as to what this team is.

The run game looked good but fields didn’t have a good game and his receivers were shite.

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Will root for Fields.

Rodgers? Not so much. :man_shrugging:t3:

Fucking Bills and Allen look legit elite

Gunna be a blood bath in the AFC

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Despite being a divisional rival, it’s hard to dislike the Bills.

A good team to root for once the Jets are done by week six.

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Yeah the bills turnaround is probs one of the best things about the NFL

Small market team turned their shitty situation around the proper way through proper coaching, cap management and drafting.

That creates proper competitive balance throughout the league


Broncos slow start is a little disappointing

Such a big build up over the summer with Wilson and new coach coming in, but suppose it was always going to take time for that to start to show fruition.
Looking forward to seeing them at Wembley soon!!

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Hackett looks like a bum

Last year it was. Now I find it very easy to hate the no punt cunts.

Stefon Diggs two years ago - great for me in fantasy
Stefon Diggs last year - shit for me in fantasy
Stefon Diggs this year - ripping it up for my mate who picked him instead :sob:

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I’ve always had a soft spot for the Bills. Don’t know why. Not a direct rival as I bleed Eagle green, so makes it easier. I guess it is the small market of the team and how they do things.

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Ravens look like they’re prepared to squander Lamar’s last year under contract. Shockingly bad management.

I’m loving watching this Eagles team. Smith, Hurts and Brown! Hope we can be consistent and start to play strong through all 4 quarters! Would love a shutout today.

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We’ve even left Andrew’s wide open half the game and your offense has still been shit.

Parker finally showing with those two catches why we pulled him over from Miami.