NFL Thread

That is just semantics and technicalities though.

The Covid vaccines now have more more scrutiny and sample size of people taking them in different ways than most drugs ever get before they are rolled out.


Never mind about the NFLPA kicking up a stink.

Fall in line, lads.

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Broncos surely

Eagles can offer them the high price too

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Did you see much of Hurts last year?

I’m not sure if he’s the guy or not. 3 firsts and Hurts could be a good deal for the Texans

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Eagles seem to want to find out, but if they can make deshaun Watson happen they will fuck hurts off no hesitation you’d think.

Rodgers coming back it seems.

What a drama. Tbh GB should have traded him, for the offer they got from the 49ers, would have set themselves up nicely for the future.

Now he probably will walk for nothing in free agency next seaso .

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