NFL Thread

This better be who the 49ers trade up for ffs.

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He’s been getting flat out disrespected lately.

Whereas guys like Mac Jones getting built up, it’s a joke.

Fields is a baller that’s been neck and neck with Lawrence since forever.

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49ers are probably closest to being ‘my’ team, but fuck them if they get Jones man.

The amount of nonsense made up by these complete morons every year. Especially after annually judging QBs horribly wrong.

Where did they all think Brady was getting drafted, the dumbfucks. Rodgers?

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If I’m a 49er fan I trust kyle shanahan 100% completely and whoever he picks even Mac.

He’s a QB guru and offensive genius, he knows what he wants at the spot. Fields, Lance, Mond and Jones is a great selection

Excuse me? I thought ur a Rams fan? Please don’t say you like both cuz that’s like saying u like both Arsenal and Tottenham. Fuck the niners :fu::fu::fu::fu::fu:

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Fuck the niners lol but shanahan is the real deal and he has mcvay’s number

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Looks like the London Games are going ahead for 2021. Falcons announce they’ll play a home game at Tottenham.

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Deshaun Watson might be in serious trouble here. It’s not looking good at all, evidence is pointing strongly to reality that he’s a serial sexual predator

He isn’t going to play this year for sure

Yeah, it’s looking very bleak.

There’s just far too many women, at best his idiocy is out of this world and at worst, well, we know what that means. He’s in big trouble here.


Awful stuff. It’s looking worse and worse.

In other news, I see rumours that the Pats are going to try and trade with Atlanta for pick 1.04.

If these dumbasses in the league let Bellichik get Fields :arteta: :ozil:

49ers actual bums. You had Brady and Rodgers begging to come to you but you let them go for a bunch of shite. And about to do it again.

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What a fucking idiot that guy who thought going after Aaron Donald of all people for a money grab was a good idea.

Got what he deserved

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Shows you how easy it is to bring a frivolous law suit. His Lawyer didn’t even check CCTV or police reports before filing and announcing it publicly?

What a clown ambulance chaser

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