NFL Thread

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The NFC East is a bloody joke. At least the Eagles finally won a game.


Yeah total embaressment.

I’m gonna watch Steelers Eagles now. Really nice to be able to avoid the stress of watching the Bears after that gorgeous win against Brady.

That was a good win for the Bears. Brady was shameful at the end.

I won’t be watching the eagles yet again because Sky sports never shows then when they play the early game. They showed them last week when it was asleep. And I refuse to lay for yet another subscription. Sport TV providers are really pissing me off right now.

Do you not have an NFL subscription for games?

Yeah Bears were solid despite Nagy being a terrible play caller and Leno being a liability in the O-line. We got lucky and Mack was incredible as always.

No. I already have too many subscriptions. Last season I mostly watched via VPN and using my brother’s Comcast login from the US. But my other half switched to NordVPN and it’s been a royal pain the arse in my MacBook. When it works I can access US Netflix, but it isn’t working with Comcast login all the time, giving me the wrong region where the Eagles aren’t on TV. I’ve given up. Also hate that I have to use the NFL pass on my laptop because my older smart TV isn’t supported, nor is the Roku. Maybe I’ll go for it next season. Will either have the PS5 or a new TV by then that the app will work on. And I’ll have some more funds freed up then too.

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Painful watching for eagals fans this.

Think DP might get fired at the end of the season

dak :cry:

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Devastating to hear about it. Hope he makes a full comeback. Hard not to root for the guy after he was so open about his own mental health.

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The Eagles are a joke. Glad I’m not paying for and NFL pass to watch this shit show. I’m sorry, never been sold on Wentz, but I do think the issues go deeper than that.

Cleveland look good. Even without Chubb they’ve got some really good offensive players. Think they might even beat the Steelers this weekend.

Rumors that the Seahawks after going after Antonio Brown. DK and AB as receivers… But so much has happened is he still worth the risk?