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I don’t mind at all players protesting. I support that. What I don’t want is commentators and pundits moralising at me with little pre-recorded segments. I’m watching it muted at the moment.

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Well for some reason my VPN isn’t working to give me the Philly game. I use my brothers login. But the damn game is on Fox :face_vomiting: - and when I log in it’s giving me the Bears game, even with my VPN set to NY. It won’t give me a damn Philly option.

Try this:

Nope. Keep getting rubish adverts opening.

That’s weird. It always worked for me. Good luck

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Sorry, we try to keep those sites off the board. Just in case.

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Ravens fumble right in the red zone. Only up by four on Cleveland. Too close for comfort.

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Lemar looking really great throwing too


Fuck you Bears.

Fuck you Wentz and Philly.

TB12 Pick 6 after a series of penalties :weary:

Reduced preseason must have hurt the preparation big time, nightmare start

Being in a legit division, in warm weather I think is gonna expose him. The cold weather defensive battles against that terrible division they used to win with ease, won’t be there to save him now.

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Is this true? I want Cam to kill it this season. So I hope he can eat.

Edit: it looks like he did eat.


Dubs for Arsenal, Nuggets and Rams this weekend, Daddy Kronke winning can’t stop winning on and off the pitch.

Imagine if he tried this in the Arsenal dressing room!? Bellerin would probs go full XR protester and start cussing him out

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What happened to Gurley? He was supposed to be the next big running back, no?

Several issues really. The Rams offensive scheme relies heavily on the O-line being at least average as they use a run heavy Westcoast outside zone playbook.

In McVay’s two years as HC, the rams Oline was one of the best units in the league as a result TG was quite good in year 1, in year 2 it was revealed publicly that TG has a degenerative arthritic knee condition after the Rams had just given him a pretty massive contract a year before they had to.

In year 3 the Oline reduced in quality due to players leaving as free agents, injuries, rookies and ageing players. The unit went to from top 10 to 31/32, that seriously affect overall offensive performance, worse of all the run game. Running lanes weren’t being open and screens were ineffective.

TG is a good RB and always wanted to play but he was held back by the coach in year 3. Whether this was done to physically preserve TG for later in the year or to protect his value I’m not sure but it did affect his motivation and attitude. It is true TG suffer did some physical decline, he lost a lot of the burst/acceleration which is important for a RB. His runs became more obvious to defences who generally knew how to stifle McVay play calling using the Patriots/Bear defensive blueprint.

Nobody wanted to trade and take on the contract because of his knees. The rams cut him because his production didn’t match his contract, he was intended to be a “Bell cow back” ie very durable and playing every down RB. He only became effective in very specific situations line on the goal line or short yards if that.

He is still useful and can still play at a high level but not at the contract the Rams game him. Zeke, CMC, Kamara are the guys who have proven they’re gonna last


Behnchode show some of this energy for your other football team.

So hope the Rams blow it this week. My Eagles need a win. Still not sold on Wentz though.

Great opening drive from Da Bears.

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Rams came to play today

May have spoken too soon…