NFL Thread

Cmon KC!!

Why do they play on a fucking Sunday, both the Championship games. Come on, at least one on a Saturday.

My heart says KC will win it but my head says the Niners. This seems like a bad matchup for KC for two reasons. The Niners can get to the quarterback with a 4 man rush, that is the key to defending a great QB like Mahomes. When Brady loses it’s usually because a team can pressure him with a 4 man front. Second, the Niners can really run the ball and run defense is KC’s weakness. Hope I’m wrong but I’m thinking Niners are gonna win, would kill me as a Rams fan.


Can’t see past SF either, their run game is too good and the D is full of playmakers

LOL Trump propaganda ad :joy:

Brady just played everyone ffs

Jimmy G has the yips

I see MC Hammer still owes IRS :rofl:

Mahomeboy in the mood now

Average halftime show

SF Rolling after PM INT

Mahomes really needs to get into sicko mode

3 score game with 6 mins left. We’ve got an exciting SB on our hands

Yikes! Sherman cooked 1v1 on a go route

KC leads!!! SF bit shellshocked

Jimmy G, this is where you make your money. Massive drive ahead

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Damn missed the 3rd quarter come back to see the Chiefs losing, fuck man.

Woooooooooooo epic comeback, u fall asleep @sevchenko??

Currently watching arya stark singing let it go for audi :joy:

Chiefs looking the goods.

Jimmy couldn’t get it done, KC will win this

Yeeeeeeeee!!! Cmon Chiefs!!! So happy for them. Never won a super bowl, never even been in it since they lost super bowl 2 :confetti_ball::confetti_ball::confetti_ball::grin::grin::grin::grin:

Correction they won superbowl 4 beat the Vikings. I got those two confused, Vikings have never won. The Chiefs lost in the first ever to Green Bay.



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the GOAT :giroud2:

Bill won :cry:

TB12 could take the disrespect anymore. Never thought I’d see the day

This free agency has been insane

Great deal for Tampa. I’m excited to see Foles at the Bears too.

Rams rebrand ahead of the stadium opening. That LA logo is horrendous


The Rams have gone from having the coolest logo in the NFL to the utter worst. Who the fuck signed off on this disaster. They are no longer one of my soft spot teams, I hope they lose every game.


NFL Game Pass is now free. This is really cool if you want to catch up on games either in condensed form - 40 mins, or the full game, and I think basically any game you like is available. It looks like the draft might also be available for free here too, which I’m hoping is the case. Anyone else use Game Pass?

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Gronkowski got traded to the Buccaneers…

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Their offense is looking pretty strong now, likely to add an OT in the draft and RB. Will probs end up be the strongest on paper in the NFC but it’s going to be a highly competitive this year in the conference

Very exciting transaction though

So what teams do you all follow and how pleased were you with your team’s draft?