NFL Thread

This will be the game of the playoffs

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Light too bright for Dak…


Are the c💩wpats using a different kicker after JJ humiliated him on social media, like the cunt owner he is?

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Let’s goooo niners

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‘America’s Team’

…fuck off (in the voice of Logan Roy).


How a bout them c💩wboys?!?


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Dak just isn’t that guy, he’ll never lead the Cowboys to an SB. Niners were there to be beaten but they couldn’t generate anything offensively even when Polland was on the field. What an absolutely waste of an elite Cowboys defence

Hurts please do the business against these SF bums

Agree he’s a top QB. But Eagles all the way. Fly Eagles Fly :eagle:

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I really wanted the Cowboys in the NFC Championship game. That game overall wasn’t very exciting. Glad I simply watched the game in 40.

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These are the best 4 teams in the NFL can’t argue with these champ games I think.

Cowboys a close 5th matches up with their game being the closest.


I think the bills are one of the top 4 teams and probably number 1 overall but can’t argue with the 4 that are left.

Maybe if fully fit

Got the early kick-off! I can watch it! Come in Eagles! Let’s get back to the SB!
Fly Eagles Fly :eagle:

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What an opening drive! What a catch in 4th down. Got away with one there. But I’ll take it.

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That was some catch.

I don’t like the Eagles, but i feel they deserve it, so rooting for them today.

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It was. But in later replays looks like he lost some control when he hit the ground. So glad there wasn’t a challenge.

Bleed grease here. Grew up about an hour from Philly.


Yeah, you’re right. Just seen the replay, that was a drop.

All downhill since that touchdown. Wtf are they doing? Making this shitty nobody QB look good. It’s disgusting. Hurts needs to step up this possession and our defence needs to feed off it. Been pour since sending Purdue to the sidelines.

Now that’s better. Keep those penalties coming. 3 rushing TDs.

Can’t see the 49ers coming back from that