NFL Thread

Yawn nobody cares you washed up attention seeker

Even if you do go


Hope Mahomes is ok .

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Looked like he did one of the “CLs” on the slow mo replay. Adrenaline has kicked in now.

In the locker room now

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If it’s high ankle sprain like everyone’s saying, and he’s out there hobbling, I don’t see him making it till end of game. That’s depressing.

He is limping just handing the ball off. Surprised he is out there.

Eagles cookin’

They’re absolutely legit

Imagine eagles v Cowboys NFCCG :fire: :fire:


All those pundits jumping on the Jones bandwagon better check themselves. 28-0 at the half and 38-7 for the win. #FlyEaglesFly

Sure hope the Arsenal can thrash Utd that way today and shut up the doubters.


Fuckin giants :rofl::rofl:

Mates a giants fan and been giving it large about Danny dimes for months. Such an average talent.


Now that the Jags are out I’m all in on the Eagles!

I absolutely make it up as I go along!


Cinci smashing it. Dominating both lines.


No doubt that Taylor is an excellent HC.

Burrow is really the real deal, easily a top 5 QB rn. Bengals better win the SB now before paying him a huge contract


Chase and Higgins :drooling_face: and they’ve sorted the trenches.

Good defence. They’ll give the chiefs another tough game.


Diggs chewing out Allen lol

Bills are never gonna win the SB. Imagine choking with this team.

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Mahomes has a high ankle sprain. He won’t be near 100%.

Bengals likely favored with that turn of events.


Are they the Tottenham of the NFL?

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Game over for the presumptive favourites to win it all. NFL is brutal and unforgiving, I’m not sure if the Hamlin thing affected them but they were sloppy in both playoff games

Not sure what else the Bills can do to get over the line, Their SB window is still open though. AFC is a competitive bloodbath with these young QBs, very hard to make it out

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Well from the perspective of having no chance at the 1 seed it did. Home to Jags after a bye they probably win, while KC faces this monster.

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Eli Apple at it again but :expressionless:

Please Cowboys beat these cocky niners