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Lions are useless, how have they lost that game?

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Death :white_check_mark:
Taxes :white_check_mark:
Detroit Lions losing on Thanksgiving :white_check_mark:


Very entertaining Thanksgiving games this year

Fell asleep at half time, consensus (on pats forum) is the refs robbed us of a TD but this team is so un-pats like making stupid errors all over the field.

That’s what cost us.

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Bears totally unwatchable. Even the highlights gonna suck.

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The tank express rolls on. Carolina won

Hopefully Poles will trade that 2nd pick for a haul and they can build the trenches.

Good to see claypool getting some time.

Too many injuries in the Jets stadium

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I don’t see us getting the 2nd overall pick. We haven’t had our bye week yet and then we tie with about 6-7 other teams and they have the tie-break due to the strength of schedule. Well, unless we just straight up tank for rest of the season which is possible.

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Ballsy game winning drive by JAX.

Trev marches them down the field. They get a TD, then win it by a point by going for 2. :muscle:t4:

Edit: I should really post this after Ravens miss the FG. :man_shrugging:t3:


Thoughts on M.White?

Saleh really impressing me with his work at the jets

Him and fields were always the 2 from that class.

The way the media hyped the other 3 who were never on that level, I guess because they got wind shanahan was about to do a stupid.

And of course the jets lol


I was so pissed off when we missed out on Trev after winning a meaningless game late on in the season. With him gone, I wanted Fields - especially after watching the bowl game vs Clemson.

Was never sold on Zach. One good season in a dog shit league, with a team 2-3 years older than their opponents. :man_shrugging:t3:


I only got to watch the plays they showed on Redzone, but he looked very good as he had vs the Bengals last season.

You can argue it was against weaker opposition - and I don’t mean any disrespect to the Bears as they are one of my favorite teams after the Jets (also missing Fields), but in 20 or so games, Zach Wilson hasn’t come close to that amount of production.

I don’t see Zach coming back this season. The Jets need to see what Mike F. White has from here on, and not dump him after one bad game.

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Watched this and loved the play call

Absolute faith in the QB


I’m sorry but this is fishy