Next 8 games


We will know a lot more about how much Emery has improved us by December 6, by that time we’ve faced Liverpool, Spurs + United at OT.




Don’t count the chickens before they’ve hatched.


Haha but it’s just funny how confident you were that it definitely wasn’t happening :wink:


Well when we don’t beat Palace on Sunday it definitely won’t have happened so it won’t be so funny :slight_smile:


Guys Wenger used to go on a run against the teams we’ve played on this winning run

The thing is the tactics will be:

Play out the back Vs Liverpool’s Intense Press

I’m not liking those odds. If we do it I’m on the train


Yeah I agree Wenger used to beat these sorts of sides in September & October that’s why I’m not getting to excited, though final season Wenger couldn’t beat anyone away from home so at least we have improved substantially on that.




Feeling pretty good about this.


We are on a great run right now and even though we haven’t played any big team in the past 10 games, this is still something none of us expected, especially under a new manager. So, while we shouldn’t expect great things from this team on the back of the last 10 results, let’s not underplay the significance of this achievement. To add to that, we have played some excellent football in the last few games, which is something that was missing in the last few seasons.

Having said that, we know that our biggest weakness is our defense and we will be exposed against the bigger teams. It will be interesting to see how Emery approaches the game against Liverpool. Will he play our style of football and hope to outscore Liverpool or will he be more tactical. At the end of the day, if we can get a few draws against the big 5, and win most of our other games, we would have had a great first season under Emery.


That’s true but this run at the very least erases the fear of Moyes situation.
Players clearly like working under Emery and are coming from behind to win the games.

Arsenal fans have all the reasons to be really excited with the start and the way Emery has managed the team so far, persisting with Xhaka aside.

This is a good base to decide what the squad needs.


Remember that last season we lost away to the likes of Newcastle and Bournemouth so we have already improved this season.


One problem going into the Liverpool game is that their likely to have found their goal touch playing Red Star tonight and Cardiff saturday at home.
We have a decent chance though as the confidence has returned around the club off some good football.
Best just taking it game as a time though for now and thats thursday right now for me. Just work on as many things that need improving at every chance we get.


We never had a chance of a Moyes situation as Emery took over a team that finished 6th, whereas Moyes had the pressure of taking over the Champions.


even with relaxed environment, it was very much possible that a new manager is unable to get the players function like a unit.
Several managers have come to PL with a reputation & failed. Andre Villas Boas & Scolari come to mind instantly.


Lots of people (Arsenal fans and rival fans) are quick to dismiss this run as being against weaker opposition and/or lucky.

But how often does a new manager come in and go on a 10 win streak in their first 12 matches? It’s very rare and even more impressive given that Emery has had to overhaul the coaching foundations / mentality etc. that has been entrenched into the club by the previous manager. At a club like Chelsea, change is expected and the structure they have means the transitional periods are easier to navigate. Not so at Arsenal. It was always going to be a massive challenge and very few people would have foreseen such a great streak.

There has been luck along the way, but there’s also been such a high belief within the team that despite being under the cosh against lots of opponents, we’ve not dropped our heads and have turned the tide in those games to run out winners. I feel like under Wenger, at those pressure moments, we would have not turned the tide and the opponent would have scored / buried us as we were never going to get our heads back up again. The belief to reverse the momentum of the game was not there. That’s the key difference even if the football being played isn’t completely alien to us (Arsenal under Wenger have scored fantastic goals for the best part of two decades).

The bit that is different is the mentality. I feel like even if some of those shots that hit the post actually went in, we still would have been able to fight back to a draw at least rather than surrender to inevitable defeat.


In past seasons we would struggle against weak opposition, draw and lose games.

We now lost against two very very tough sides right at the start of the season with a new manager in. Which, I think is no shame. To then go on a 10 win streak is something very very remarkable. Lucky or not here and there, you still need to do it and Unai managed to do so.

I read a lot of RedCafe and I can tell you that many United fans are hella jealous of us having Unai now. Who does more with less money spent than Mourinho did in 3 seasons combined.


Even United’s Mourinho is a dysfunctional mess.

Credit to Unai for creating a cohesive unit and strengthening our mentality in such a short period of time.

Of course, the defence needs sorting as we are still suspect at the back, but midfield and forwards are playing really well.


And we’ve done that whole run with Mustafi at the back.


We have Auba and Laca who look better than Salah, Firmino and Manè this season, tbh.