Next 8 games


Lol not rolled, but we can beat them.




Almost there :kos2:


One more lol


@Cristo :unai:


“24 points is impossible it will never happen” :crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face:

ohhhh :speak_no_evil:


Haha yeah I didn’t think it would happen either to be honest. Not just because it’s us, but because the odds are against most teams to win 8 in a row.

But we should get over the line now. Palace aren’t looking sharp at the moment, though they do have players who can hurt us should they be switched on.


On this occasion I am really fucking glad that my prediction of 17 points from the 8 games was complete horse shit. Let’s go for the 24 on Sunday.


Do you guys think we have a good chance of beating Liverpool? Or are they in a different league compared to us


i think we can beat them if we play at our best and also dont start off slow. If we start ff slow and are slack if we start having to chase the game they will punish us, but i definitely feel we should be capable of at least a draw


I’m far more scared of a too high of a defensive line, the space we typically leave behind our full backs and seem to not want to do anything about, how quickly Xhaka succumbs to pressing, and that Liverpool have managed to find a way to not concede 3 goals every game they win like they used to. But yes, also how we often seem to give away the first half, agree with that as well.


Liverpool will be the litmus test.

Maybe i’m still high on last night’s Özil drug, but at the moment I’d actually fancy us to get one over them. Liverpool have obviously defensively improved, but in attack they’re not as good as they were last season. They’re not creating many chances – Huddersfield created more than they did on Saturday. Our attack is strong, so i’m confident we can get past Van Dick.

I’ll probably end up looking stupid come matchday when we get hammered, but i’m still looking forward to it.


Yeah Unai has beaten ol Kloppo before. We will do it again and plus we are due a win against them. April 2015 was the last time we beat them :joy::joy:


If we start slowly as has been the case for pretty much the entire win streak, Liverpool will murder us.

Their front 3 will not spurn the chances that other clubs have.

Although, I have hope that Emery actually uses these weird things called “tactics” and “preparation” to mitigate Liverpool’s threat. It’s a brave new world post-Wenger.


The fucking cunts did on Saturday!! There front 3 has been nothing special so far tbh. Nothing like last season


Slowly but surely, we are improving.

Liverpool will be the main test. Not sure how that will go, but either way it will tell a lot about what kind of progress we are truly making.

Honestly, penetrating their defence will be the biggest hurdle.


I’m almost certain that Unai will respect Pool and have us more compact. Otherwise we could be a few goals down unable to recover by half time.


Our defence still seems like a major concern, and likely will be for another two transfer windows, so I’m not expecting miracles against Liverpool tbh


Absolutely not. They have looked average so far so we can beat them.


If we do beat Palace, can this thread be closed, archived and retained for “greatest ever threads” debates?