Next 8 games


You were so confident aswell :wink:


I still am. I just think 21-22 is still very high and didn’t expect it.


We should beat Palace. Leicester is going to be interesting.


We’re at home and Leicester are nothing special. Would be really disappointing if we didn’t win that


Does anyone know if this is our best run of games since… a long ass time? Has been a while to see WWWWWWW


This season is very reminiscent to 2016/17 so far. Then, we started with a loss and a draw, then won 6. That run ended with a 0-0 at the Emirates vs Middlesbrough…


It’s 6 in a row in the league. We haven’t had a run like that in the last 2 seasons, I’m sure


LC doesn’t look that great these days at all… another mediocre side fighting for 10-14th imho… we really have a good shot at 24/24, which is just fantastic, regardless of opposition.


First time since April 2015 where we have won 9 in a row


Biggest thing Emery has done from last season has turned us able to beat average opposition away from home again.


Aside from the Liverpool game, the whole of November contains winnable games too.

December is rough though. Proper rough:

Spurs (H)
United (A)
Huddersfield (H)
Southampton (A)
Burnley (H)
Brighton (A)
Liverpool (A)

We’ve got an average record against Southampton in recent years as well so that will be a test too.

December is the month that will play a huge role in defining our season.


Southampton away are our bogey team. I do fear it a lot.


I think if we continue to string together good results in the meantime at least dropping points away to big teams won’t be so detrimental to our season. We need to continue the consistency we’re developing against teams outside the big six and then just see where our season takes us I guess


If we keep beating the team outside the top six i could easily see us reaching about 80 points.


Agree given my sole ambition is only 4th place it does mean the top 6 games mean less, winning nearly everything vs 7-20 gives you a decent shout of CL football, obviously when you’re title contenders you need to find away to when at least 4 of the 10 matches against the fellow top 6.


I think we can win at least 2 home games against the big 5. For example, i wouldn’t rule out us beating Liverpool atm.


We are going to win every game we have left this season. Unai is bringing home the fucking quad!!!


I’d be surprised if we rolled Liverpool, I’d give us a decent shout at home to United & Spurs.


Unai has ol’ Kloppo’s number :wink:


If we do lose against Liverpool, I’d be really intrigued to see how we bounce back. None of this hoity-toity crybaby “oh woe is me” malarkey we used to get under Wenger (even in his best years)

We have to bounce straight back from defeat, by whatever means necessary