Next 8 games


I don’t think we’ll quite manage that, I think there will be at least a couple of draws in there but. We are improving, slowly but steadily.


Watford, the next game, should be the most difficult of the lot, judging by their recent form. We’ll also leapfrog them in the table should we beat them.

But all in all, this season is getting more and more exciting, and the glimmer of a top-4 finish is just barely visible again.


Really important game next one… we should beat Watford, but they have started well and are the kind of team that give us trouble due to their physical nature. If we win, a very big 3 points and can kind of solidify this little run as at least semi-legit, despite what are non-impressive performances.


Why is the run not semi-legit at this point? Everton was a test. They pretty much did what they wanted with our back line in the first half. Richarlison and Walcott are just not prolific goalscorers, yet, in the case of Richarlison. We still managed to came out of top. Watford is another good test imo. I wouldn’t be surpised if we draw against them though. Watford have had a real solid start.


We should beat them in the end though. Good team, but we are still better.


I’m more confident than I was, but I think we’ll come unstuck at some point.

We go to Baku next Thursday – I know some people don’t put much stock in the Thursday/Sunday thing, but it’s a long way to travel and there is a big time difference too. And then we go to Craven Cottage 3 days later, and granted Fulham aren’t looking that strong at the moment, but still – Chelsea didn’t look as sharp against West Ham on Sunday. They were delayed coming back from Greece. Of course we don’t know if that made a difference, but I think it must play a part.

I’m hoping what Emery will do is go all out in our Europa League home games and ensure we win them, then take more risks in the away games by taking the youngsters and leaving some of our best players at home so they can focus on the upcoming league game.


We will send the kids to Baku. Cant see how that will affect our first team.


Yeah, I did mention that in my last paragraph. But at the moment we don’t know if that’s what he will do.


This philosophy is what I’d go with, too. It, strangely enough, didn’t work for Wenger so much. He’d play the kids midweek in a cup competition, they’d lose but then so would the first team on the following weekend. Weird


5 down 3 more


Then another 28.


Almost there. C’mon lads!


Eh yeah; but the thread is called the next 8 games and not the season thread.


Happy to be wrong as fuck on this. (well as long as we secure a point in nine)

We’ve overcome a lot of defensive issues to go on a 5 match run. Emery on the charge.


Everton first half and Watford through out the whole 90 minutes actually had a lot of very decent chances. For whatever reason they just didn’t make them. I’m not sure we’ve overcome anything.


Two wins from 24/24



Fantastic run.


Nevr in doubt :kos2:


I am still willing to bet we won’t do all 8, but we have certainly achieved more than expected. Can’t say I’m unhappy about it.


@Cristo looking a right mug rn :poldi: